New reviews and ratings system, ReviewView, to be launched by Collabotive Inc.

September 22, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Cleveland, Ohio - Sept 22, 2007 — Collabotive. Inc, announced today that it has launched the new reviews and ratings system for IT-related and consumer electronic products.

Consumers are using the Internet to conduct product research before purchasing IT-related and consumer electronic products. Numerous studies show that these consumers are influenced by product reviews when making a purchasing decision, and are more influenced by other consumer reviews compared to expert reviews.

Collabotiveâs reviews and ratings system, ReviewView, enables consumers to post and read product reviews of over 200,000 consumer electronic and IT products. A user can use the reviews system at and at other websites with a ReviewView widget displayed on any of their webpages. A widget is a mini-application that is integrated within another webpage and allows users to use the ReviewView system without leaving the original website.

The main users of the ReviewView system include: consumers, publishers, and advertisers. Consumers are the general users who utilize the system in order to read and post product reviews. Since high quality product reviews are very important to ReviewView, consumers with high quality reviews will receive commission for each review as well as for reviews placed in the top 10 as voted by other users.

Publishers are other very important ReviewView users and are typically owners or operators of websites, blogs, forums, and other web-accessible content. They will be able to insert a ReviewView widget onto their website where consumers can use it without leaving the publisherâs site. Publishers will receive a certain commission percentage for all ad click-throughs obtained from their site traffic and for all product reviews entered at their site.

Companies that choose to advertise with ReviewView have the option to have their ads displayed on the ReviewView website and widgets in order to increase click-through traffic to their sites. Ads are placed next to relevant content and are targeted towards user online-behavior to increase click-through rates at a cost-per-click solution for advertisers.

ReviewView is truly an innovative and interactive reviews and ratings system that many types of users can benefit from. The innovative part of ReviewView is that all review content is connected between and the network of web communities, making it very accessible for users. Consumers become more interactive as they are able to use the system at any website with a ReviewView widget without leaving the site.