AIRRAID2™ wireless hacking tournament to be held in Bangkok Thailand on 21 Dec 2007

September 23, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Singapore, 23 Sep 2007 - ThinkSECURE ( today announced that it will be running AIRRAID2™ (, its cutting-edge wireless-and-wired hacking tournament, in Bangkok Thailand on 21 December 2007.

AIRRAID2™ is the successor to ThinkSECURE's original AIRRAID™ tournament, Asia's first-ever true wireless hacking tournament, which was held in Singapore's Suntec Convention Center in August 2005.
By challenging participants with WiFi and Bluetooth wireless hacking against an enterprise infrastructure which is specially designed to mirror a typical corporate wireless and wired network deployment, AIRRAID2™ now brings its unique brand of wireless hacking excitement and flavor to the Land of a Thousand Smiles!

AIRRAID2™ is designed with the following objectives in mind:

- highlighting typical flaws in modern corporate wireless and wired deployments;

- illustrating how attackers take advantage of those flaws in a real-life, real-time setting;

- allowing the general public to gauge the current skill level of Asia's hackers compared with the rest of the world;

- showing the the dangers of relying solely upon vendors' technology as a means of defence;

- illustrating the benefits to IT professionals of attending practical technical certifications such as the Organizational Systems Wireless Auditor and Organizational Systems Security Analyst to enhance their wireless and enterprise security skills, and

- making organizations realize that partners' and vendor-support/maintenance networks can also be a weak link in the security posture of an organization.

"AIRRAID2 continues our tradition of giving back to the Asian IT-security community by providing them a way of testing their skills against each other and against a realistic enterprise-class wireless-and-wired infrastructure setup. As many security professionals rarely get a chance to do some real unbridled hacking, our purpose-built tournament infrastructure mirrors an extensive wireless/wired network which allows them to fully and legitimately employ all their skills to meet the challenges we've put in place," said Mr. Julian Ho, ThinkSECURE's co-founder.

Registration for AIRRAID2™ is free and teams can have up to 4 members. Qualifying teams stand a chance to win various prizes and a bonus cash prize.

For more details and to register to participate in the tournament, please visit