Light Year Software Announces ZingLists, a Web Site to Organize Busy Lives

September 25, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Columbus, OH - Light Year Software, LLC today announced the launch of ZingLists, a new web site for organizing all the tiny details of modern living. “Half the problem of getting organized is knowing where to start,” said Steve Madsen, founder and president of Light Year Software. “Our goal with ZingLists is to meld a to-do list application with the online community. We provide a central place for people to keep their lists and share them with others.”

The site provides a straightforward, intuitive way to manage lists of any kind. To-do lists keep track of tasks that should be done on a particular day. Each item can be set up to automatically reschedule itself on a regular basis. A reminder is emailed when a due date arrives, avoiding any need to check a to-do list by hand.

Other kinds of lists can be kept and arranged in whatever way makes sense for them: packing lists for vacations, things that should be kept on hand at home in the event of a natural disaster or more pleasant things such as essential jazz recordings for someone just beginning to explore the genre.

Publishing a list makes it available for other members on the site to view and copy for their own use. A directory of published lists provides a simple way to find lists. Members are encouraged to rate published lists, and highly rated lists are featured more prominently in the directory.

Membership on the site is free and signing up takes less than a minute.

For additional information, contact Steve Madsen or visit

About Light Year Software, LLC:

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