September 21, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Epik One, Inc., a global leader in web site optimization and analytics consulting, began optimizing a Google AdWords campaign this week for Wilderness Classroom. The environmentally-conscious organization introduces children and young adults to wilderness exploration in an effort to increase their knowledge, self confidence, and physical fitness. EpikOne will offer its services pro bono to Wilderness Classroom and enable them to maximize the value of their search engine advertising campaign.

In lieu of an advertising grant provided by Google, EpikOne will assist Wilderness Classroom with the management of their AdWords account by developing an online ad strategy, creating various ad campaigns, and monitoring daily ad spend. EpikOne will also provide online consulting services including a web site usability assessment and recommendations. Both initiatives will help increase Wilderness Classroom's paid and organic search traffic.

The Wilderness Classroom Organization (WCO) is a non-profit organization that strives to engage, excite, and motivate students and teachers using an interactive technology-based learning model that draws upon peoples' innate curiosity and desire for exploration. Wilderness Classroom aims to enrich the lives of students and improve their academic achievements by encouraging them explore their world and develop an appreciation for wilderness and cultural diversity.

Wilderness Classroom fosters a learning environment that inspires students to collaborate on important environmental issues," said Dave Winslow, President of EpikOne. "By understanding that their actions can make a difference, they become compelled to find ways to protect their communities and the planet. We want to improve the visibility of the organization to ensure they can attract the resources needed to make this possible." For more information on Wilderness Classroom, please visit http://www.wildernessclassroom.com/.

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