September 23, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Bloxx, the European enterprise web filtering specialist, today announced that shipping and tanker agency, Graypen has deployed Bloxx web filtering technology to regulate and protect its staff online. Graypen has selected Bloxx technology to manage staff access to non-work related websites, which might contain inappropriate or potentially dangerous content. The company has also managed to dramatically reduce additional network traffic being generated by staff visiting these sites.

Graypen is a UK-based shipping and tanker agency and has 24 offices throughout the UK. Its 135 staff had full access to the Internet, but with the increasing popularity of social networking sites, chat rooms, online shopping and the growing risks related to inappropriate or dangerous web content, the company wanted to have better information about its staff’s online activity.

The company had been using an ISA server to provide basic web filtering, but this was not able to provide the level of control or information about Internet usage the company required. After seeing the Bloxx web filtering appliance in action at another company, Graypen’s IT Manager, David Scott felt that this would provide him with much more comprehensive and detailed information about Internet activity After comparing the Bloxx appliance to other web filtering solutions the company bought the Bloxx appliance.

Within a few hours of installing the Bloxx appliance in their network, the powerful reporting capability highlighted to Graypen management that there was a significant level of non-work related Internet activity taking place.

“Even though the company had an Acceptable Use Policy for Internet usage in place, until we deployed the Bloxx appliance we had no easy way of actually analysing Internet usage or any effective way to ensure compliance,” explains Scott. “Initially I was checking our reports everyday, but the sheer presence of having the appliance on our network and employee awareness of just how powerful the filtering is, means I now only have to check the reports once a week.”

Scott has configured the Bloxx appliance with a single company-wide filtering policy, meaning that each and every employee has access to the same categories of web sites. The spyware, anti-phishing and anti-virus software installed as standard in the Bloxx appliance also helps to protect users and the network. Since implementing the solution, Graypen has not only seen an increase in productivity levels from its staff but its normal office desktop applications have significantly speeded up.

With the Bloxx solution in place, Graypen’s staff is now concentrating on the job at hand, rather than being distracted by popular sites such as MySpace or Facebook. Bloxx technology gives users such as Graypen, the ability to block or allow sites by category rather than one by one, which makes policing internet use much easier and also frees up substantial amount of network bandwidth.

“The Bloxx appliance was simple to install into our network and is so easy to use and manage, that it now basically runs itself, which frees my time to dedicate to other pressing IT issues,” comments Scott. “As with any company, there are users who think they are smarter than the Bloxx solution and they try to access obscure international sites or use anonymous proxies to bypass it. However, most users eventually give up - Bloxx is just too smart for them.”

“Organisations such as Graypen require fast and reliable networks so they can provide top level service to their customers,” comments Bloxx Sales and Marketing Director, Paul Irvine. “Companies can’t afford network performance to be affected by workers misusing the Internet facility on their desktop. By managing online activity more efficiently and effectively, Graypen can ensure that it remains in touch with its customers, improve worker productivity and thus remain a leader in the maritime industry.”

About Bloxx Tru-View Technology
Bloxx Tru-View Technology uses internationally patent pending technology to analyse and block web sites quicker and more accurately than other web filters which use manual classification and keyword scoring. Tru-View Technology uses intelligent identification and analysis providing instant classification of web content as soon as it is accessed even if the content has not been seen by anyone before.

Bloxx Tru-View Technology helps organisations proactively manage users’ access to web content which might lower productivity, expose the organisation to risk and liability or pose a network security threat.

An estimated 1 million + users already benefit from enhanced security and performance with low administration and no cost per user charges. Additional protection is provided via anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-phishing functionality, alongside onboard cache

About Bloxx
Based in the UK, Bloxx offers web filtering appliance-based solutions for medium and large organisations in both the business and public sectors. Leading UK investment groups such as Braveheart Investment Group Plc and Archangel Investments Ltd. have invested in Bloxx. For more information please visit:

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