September 23, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
September 23, 2007 – MediPro Health is the latest division of Harriman Capital Group Inc, an Oregon based company whose subsidiaries include Yackie Telecom Inc and Chronocash Corp. We at Harriman are excited to introduce our Health Savings Program “MediPro Health”.

The MediPro Health Savings program offers cardholders a discount on their medical expenses from 10% up to 60%, with a network over 400,000 healthcare professionals and retail health facilities. Cardholders will have great benefits in using this program for themselves and their families. Many people are familiar with dental, vision, or prescription drug discount cards. MediPro Health card is similar, except it offers discounts on a much broader range of health care benefits. This Program is unique and extremely beneficial for individuals, family, businesses, and groups of all sizes and for anyone that frequently travels to the United States on vacation or extended periods. These benefits include:

• Access to our 400,000 health professional database, which include over 285,000 medical doctors, over 71,000 Dentists, and over 56,000 participating pharmacies.
• It can be used for doctor visits, hospitals, lab tests, hearing and vision, it is a family Program that can be used by husband, wife or significant others and all dependent children for full equal healthcare discount.
• There are no limits to savings, or restrictions on use. Members can use the program as soon as they receive the MediPro Health Program materials in the mail.

MediPro Health Saving Program is not a Health Insurance Program but it is a discount Program, there is no unnecessary paperwork to file. The program only provides savings when you use the card in the United States with one of our Providers in our network. The MediPro network is based on a nationwide affiliation with Healthcare providers. This network has negotiated special fees with all their Healthcare providers, at a fraction of the regular fees and the savings are passed along to our cardholders.

MediPro Health is committed to providing access to first class healthcare for anyone living in or visiting the US. We offer our cardholders the opportunity to pay discounted fees at time of service on par with those paid by Insurance Companies and other health provider organizations. There are millions of people that cannot afford the high cost of health insurance. Although MediPro Health is not an alternative to health insurance, this discount Program is designed to give members access to healthcare at a discount rather than paying the full cost.
MediPro Health is a subsidiary of Harriman Capital Group Inc. an Oregon based corporation. Harriman is one of the first companies to develop new technologies based on telecommunication, online payment solutions and money transferring business solutions.

Sign up today for only $19.90 per month and begin saving immediately on your Healthcare Cost!