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Los Angeles, CA (Sept. 24th 2007) – – “Protect Your World”, announces that will offer fire and disaster solutions to the hospitality market immediately. intends to market to hotels and hotel chains the new ASE30 Fire Escape Mask that will offer a hotel guest in a fire a guaranteed 30 minutes of breathable air.

"It’s such a key part of hotel fire safety, that it should be part of every hotel room’s fire safety features. For less than $280 per hotel room (for 4 smoke masks) the hotel could offer guests a life-saving device in the case of a hotel fire. The smoke hood offers a 30 minute supply of breathable air that eliminates such deadly toxic gases as (CO) Carbon Monoxide. The smoke escape hood is today’s perfect solution for hotels to offer state-of-the-art life-saving fire safety equipment. We think that many hotels and hotel chains are looking for real safety features that go beyond just smoke detectors and automatic sprinkler systems. By including the masks in every hotel room, the hotels will set themselves apart from the competition in this post 9/11 world”, said Mina Arnao, President of is an authorized distributor of the fire escape mask for the United States market. With this authorization, More Prepared includes a 5 year warranty with every smoke hood and the smoke hood will be replaced free of charge if actually used in a fire during this warranty period.

Current commercial users of the Fire Escape Masks include most of the major airports in Brazil and the smoke hoods will also be placed throughout the venues at the 2008 Olympics in China.

The Smoke & Fire Safety Mask can protect you from smoke inhalation, the number one cause of death in a fire, and many other toxic gases with up to 30 minutes of breathable air; allowing time to escape any burning building, home, hotel, high-rise, office or school.

The fire escape smoke hood has been “actually flame-tested” for up to 1400F temperatures to protect against falling hot ash. The fire safety mask can protect against Carbon Monoxide (CO), Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN), Hydrogen Chloride (HCL), Acrolein (CH2CHCHO), Anthrax, and other toxic gases and smoke.

The smoke hood is SAFETY CODE COMPLIANT for the following markets:

• Smoke and Fire safety Hood Mask conforms to USFA-FEMA standards.
• European Standard EN 403.
• Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 1716:1994.
• Thailand Disaster Prevention Department of the Interior Ministry.
• Japanese Standard 248.

Smoke hood information:

A smoke hood is a device to assist people in escaping safely from within a burning structure. It is worn over the head and if correctly donned, the device protects the users’ heads from heat and thermal radiation, the eyes from harmful irritant gases produced by fire (for example Hydrogen Chloride (HCL) gas) and, through the use of a filtration system, can provide filtered air relatively free of harmful narcotic (for example Carbon Monoxide (CO)) and irritant gases produced by fire. The filter will only provide protection for a limited period, typically several minutes. Also, smoke hoods typically are a ‘use once device’ - once packaging is opened, they cannot be resealed for later use.

There are many types of smoke hoods available, with varying operating characteristics offering different levels of protection. The old adage, ‘buyer beware’ is appropriate when it comes to purchasing a smoke hood. It is essential that you check that the smoke hood will actually filter out CO, the main killer gas in fire smoke. Beware, as some safety devices currently on the market that claim to be smoke hoods do not filter out (CO) Carbon Monoxide.

Smoke hoods and smoke masks should:

1) Offer protection from the main lethal fire gases, Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Cyanide, Hydrogen Chloride, etc.

2) Offer at least 15 minutes of protection from high concentrations of these lethal fire gases.

3) Be tested to an appropriate national standard.

4) Provide a good neck seal to keep out lethal gases and particulate matter.

5) Allow good visibility when donned as you will need to be able to see where you are going.

6) Be made of a heat resistant material to offer protection from elevated temperature and completely cover the user’s head.

7) Be easy to put on and have clear instructions for proper use. Owners should aim to be able to don the smoke hood correctly and quickly.

8) Have a long shelf life - make sure that it is going to last for several years if kept in its original packaging and stored correctly.

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