Kappix Improves Employee Scheduling Flexibility with New DRoster 3.3.2

September 25, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Kappix’s new free employee scheduling software, DRoster 3.3.2, is designed to give scheduling managers choice, flexibility and to reduce time spent on scheduling by ninety percent. DRoster now includes four different planners that give supervisors four different perspectives of their schedules and rosters set up. The Shifts Planner, Hourly Planner, Detailed Planner and Person Planner enable scheduling managers to create and manage different aspects of their schedules easily from the Modules navigation pane. Supervisors can select to edit schedules with the planner most convenient to them.

In addition to the new Planners, scheduling managers can choose from a rich set of options for their schedules layout. One such option is a choice of hours mode. DRoster is equally suitable for setting up military rosters that require the military hours mode or business and organization rosters that require AM/PM hours mode. Another option is the choice of working with fixed non-overlapping shifts or overlapping shifts, or staggered shifts. The options panel also provides a one stop source for quick scheduling customisation for more features such as color-coding shifts and selecting layout colors.

To make scheduling irregular shifts or rotating shifts easier, DRoster equips managers with the Template module. Templates allow you to quickly set up a special schedule for a group of employees or a work station or a shift. There are no limits to the number of templates you can make and store. DRoster saves all scheduling templates in a quick access drop down list that managers can access from all four planners to select and apply to any stretch of time needed. Once applied, DRoster integrates fixed shifts and rotating shifts automatically into all schedules. Applying templates is easier than the copy and paste functions most programs have.

Easy access to employees' availability times and customisable reasons for absences and time off give scheduling managers an informative edge in tracking their workforce. Critical data such as employee qualifications, credentials, abilities and availabities for a range of duties that DRoster offers means that the most suitable employees are scheduled for a duty and time slot. More importantly, for scheduling managers who get an early morning call from an employee calling in sick, this means they can instantly access a list of all available and qualified employees to deploy on demand at the click of a button.

The result is optimised schedules, improved service levels and a smoothly run business. These are a few of the new advantages in Kappix's new release of DRoster.

Kappix is the only scheduling software company to offer a completely free download that doesn't require filling in forms, registration, or giving out your email. The Kappix Team respects the privacy of its users and believes that free software must never burden its users. DRoster is also unlimited in time.

This means that anyone can download DRoster and begin to use it whenever they please and for as long as they want. But best of all, DRoster is not limited in any feature at all: it's a fully featured scheduler for up to 300 duties. That means that most small businesses can use DRoster for free forever with Kappix Team's customer courtesy email support (the team goes out of their way for their users).

DRoster is guaranteed to be clean of spyware and adware by leading download websites such as download.com and softpedia.com in addition to hundreds more. The scheduling program is currently being used by close to 200,000 users strong world wide. DRoster is available in a stand alone version or an over a network version to share with other users, both free.

Kappix invites anyone tired of paper-based scheduling or their old scheduling program to download DRoster and contact Nancy Berger at navushe(@) kappix (dot) com with any questions and recommendations.