Baby Boomers Worried About Their Aging Parents Find Solace in Personal Emergency Response Systems such as MedScope Medical Alert Devices

September 24, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
A mother is aging, but doesn't want to leave the house where she's lived for so many years. Her child worries about her, but can't be there all the time he has a life to lead. He need a MedScope medical alert device.

Baby boomers throughout the country are finding solace in personal emergency response systems such as a MedScope medical alert device, which connects to an existing phone line and allows people to call for emergency help with the simple push of a button worn around the neck or wrist. MedScope even offers what they call "adaptive technology," which allows those with physical disabilities and impairments to call for help through specialized buttons, switches, clamps and other customizable methods.

Equipment installation for a personal emergency response system costs a nominal fee, if any at all. Then, there is a small monthly fee for 24-hour monitoring of the system. The systems can not only save lives, but save the stress levels of those with aging parents.

"Since I live alone, and my children live out of town, it is comforting to know that I am never really alone," says Joseph J. Crisci, owner of a MedScope medical alert device. "I believe that everyone who is at risk of falling should have one of these."

MedScope also offers a free option to have medical information available online during an emergency. With a simple ID card, physicians can securely log-in to view a patient's complete medical profile within seconds, avoiding medical errors that are caused due to lack of information.

Says Bhrenda D. Drakeford, "An allergy to penicillin, and taking coumadin, have made me vulnerable to treatment in an emergency situation. It is important that my conditions be known by the doctor if I need medical care. MedScope provides peace of mind for myself, as well as my family."

When the emergency button of a MedScope medical alert device is pressed, the system console will immediately call or notify a trained professional, who will communicate with the user through the base unit. The trained professional will then dispatch the appropriate assistance, whether it be an ambulance, or the police or fire department. If the emergency button is pressed and there is no answer from the user, help will be dispatched automatically. The operator will also inform any friends or family members that have been marked for notification.

More and more busy baby boomers are turning to services like MedScope medical alert devices for the peace of mind it brings them. Says Gregory Smith of MedScope, "It lets them relax, because they can be guaranteed that their loved one is being looked after, even when they aren't there. For a working professional with his or her own family, that comfort is invaluable, and we're proud to be able to provide such an important and helpful service."

For more information on personal emergency response systems such as MedScope medical alert devices, visit or call 1-800-645-2060.