Almost FREE Cruises with GIT Cruise Card

September 24, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
September 24, 2007 Madisonville KY USA – “It’s a perfect fit for our clients”, says Curtis Staggs, Vacation Invasion owner and representative for GIT Cruise Card based in Elizabethtown KY. “As a member of GIT Cruise Card, you have access to incredible rebates on every cruise you take on a participating cruise line. When booking a cruise use our cruise search engine. Upon returning from your vacation you will submit a GIT Cruise Card rebate form with the card number found on the back of your GIT Cruise Card. GIT Cruise Card rebates are between $300 - $700 depending on how many nights on your cruise vacation. Couples may each get a card so they can get a double rebate. In some cases, you may only actually pay taxes and port fees; this is why I talk about almost free cruises”

“The GIT Cruise Card program creates a great opportunity in the marketplace for consumers and entrepreneurs alike. When you purchase your membership for only $99, you get the ability to generate a stream of income through referral marketing at no cost. Just ask anybody, if I could show you a way to take almost FREE cruises and make some money, maybe a lot of money, would you like to learn more about that? Of course they would!

Curtis Staggs is a seasoned business veteran of 18+ years with his roots in small traditional business. He has owned and operated four brick and mortar businesses; two were main street type retail store ventures, one was a food service business and one was a small AM radio station. He has also been involved in countless home based endeavors too numerous to mention. He resides with his wife and five children in the rolling hills of western KY.