Optometrist Andrew Gay Says Halloween Contact Lenses May Cause Scary Eye Infections

October 01, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Halloween contact lenses bought over the internet put eyes at risk because users do not receive adequate advice on how to sterilise and care for the lenses. Optometrist Andrew Gay has issued a warning about the use of novelty contact lenses. “There are major risks associated with placing unclean lenses on the eye. At this time of year members of the public are regularly hospitalised with serious eye infections caused by non sterilised lenses.”

“Earlier this year a 15yr old girl in Sydney was blinded in one eye following the use of a novelty lens which was lent to her by a friend. She has since has a corneal graft to restore some sight in her eye”

“People wishing to wear novelty lenses at Halloween should seek advice from their optometrist on the correct procedure to wear and care for their lenses. Contact lenses are very safe to wear proving they are used correctly. Wearers should always follow the golden rule of contact lens wear which is ‘if in doubt-take them out”.”

“We have produced a light-hearted video highlighting the very serious perils of reckless Halloween contact lens use, http://www.squidoo.com/halloween-contact-lenses