New Project Management Software stores Projects Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Action Items in a Database.

September 25, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA- September 25, 2007. Project Managers can now capture their project meetings in a database allowing them to manage action items with a minimum of effort. Project Administrator software allows you to manage the meeting action items alongside actions generated by issues, risks, assumptions, benefits and other sources.

Neville Turbit, a Director of Project Perfect, announced the launch of Project Administrator Version 5 today.
“Project Managers have actions popping up all over the place. The key to controlling action items is to get them all into one bucket. Once you have all the actions together, you can cut and dice in all sorts of ways. Action items due this week; actions overdue; actions by person responsible; actions completed in the last week. By adding meetings, and the actions coming out of the meetings, we have rounded up another source of action items and put them in the bucket.”

“Project Administrator is now sold in 36 countries and our evolution is the result of 10 years experience and feedback from thousands of users. The request to include meetings came from a user in South Africa. We also responded to users requests in version 5 by updating our screen design and navigation; allowing users to attach documents to all sorts of things from issues to variations; adding new reports; creating the facility for users to write their own reports.”
The Project Perfect project management software is both inexpensive (anywhere from A$250 to A$4,000 (US$210 to US$3,600 approx), and easy to install as it runs on Microsoft Access and takes advantage of all the functionality built into Access.

“We constantly get asked why we are so cheap. The answer is that by selling over the Internet we don’t have to support a dealer network or build in a margin for distributors. The Internet allows us to sell for about one third to one quarter of the price we would have to charge if we had distributors. It also means we have to be super responsive to our customers. Emails are all answered within one business day.”
A 10 minute tour of the Project Administrator Software is available at:
PowerPoint presentation outlines use for Project Managers
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