Pharmacognosy, beetroot and the Virus take the centre ring

September 26, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
A book released based on the Good the Bad and the Ugly in modern South Africa. Each of the protagonists, having character, that is not as clear cut as the theme but breathed into life by the actions of people.

The author has been involved with students and the skewed information and the nature of the dissemination of education and the information needed serious addressing.

This book Pharmacognosy Beetroot and the Virus has been birthed due to impact each of these have made on the population of South Africa.

Too many stories have been connected with South African and the juvenile outlook on an extremely dangerous disease. This alikened to fighting a veldt fire with gasoline, the disease HIV has been stigmatized and erroneous information and inappropriate treatment has been advocated to fight, reverse and even cure the disease and the natural medicine at the helm of this treatment regime, the Beetroot.

Pharmacognosy has been the root of the pharmaceutical industry as we know it, all the exploit of indigenous and traditional medicines, refined and tested and marketed in a clean, convenient, easy to read package.
Now the virus, with all the conspiracies that surround it; from it being manufactured in a lab, to it being uses as biological warfare its vaccine delayed even further with every passing year.

The outcome, for those that have contracted it, bleak but not hopeless.
The entity at the root of all of this the beetroot, it has now been endowed with magical properties. It right, at the centre of treatment controversies, it has been institutionalized as the prime treatment regime for this deadly disease.

This book looks at the journeys and the crossroads in each of these issues and their influences on each other. Its aimed at those that can make a choice, those that can alter policies and those that have voices to speak. Itís left to individuals to alter the points of intersection.
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