September 26, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
College Park, Md. – Goozex, Inc., a leading online video game trading community, publicly launched today a new Facebook application designed to promote and support gaming communities on one of the largest and fastest growing social networking sites. Millions of Facebook members now can share their own game reviews, ratings, and personal libraries for more than 23,000 game titles through one well-managed application page.

Goozex’s new application promotes the sharing of game-specific content from current next-generation console games like Halo 3™ for the Xbox 360™ to classic games on the original PlayStation™. The application also allows users to quickly access the entire Goozex video games database through various console and search filters. In just a few clicks, users can access the latest reviews and ratings from Facebook members and friends, and additional weekly and Top 10 ratings lists are provided on the application’s homepage. Goozex’s application allows viewers to see their friends’ activities, from adding reviews, posting game ratings, listing “favorites” games and underscoring their “I want to play” games.

“For the last few months, we’ve been building an application that will meet the demands of many gamers on Facebook,” said Valerio Zanini, CEO and co-founder of Goozex, Inc. “I am both a Facebook member and a gamer, and it’s always been my goal to share the games I prefer and don’t prefer with my friends just like I do now with movies and music. For example, I want to see what people think about Bioshock before I purchase it. Goozex always has been about connecting people on the topic of video games, and developing this Facebook application is a natural extension of who we are and what we do.”

How to Use the Application:
The application is downloaded into a member’s personal profile page, which allows friends to browse through recent reviews and ratings. Unlike some other Facebook applications, members need not sign up or share personal information with Goozex to download the application; the application runs entirely inside the Facebook universe where users are not required to be Goozex.com members to access it. Goozex members; however, can share their game-trading library lists through their Facebook profile, making it easier for friends to see which games are wanted and which can be traded.

The new Goozex application is found under Video Game Community on Facebook and can be linked here: http://apps.facebook.com/goozexgames.

Goozex will be running a Limited Edition Halo 3 Xbox 360 Elite™ giveaway promotion for the first four weeks after the application launch. Each week, one lucky winner will win one of the four consoles prizes by inviting their friends to join the Goozex video game community on Facebook.

About Goozex, Inc.
Goozex, Inc. is an award winning peer-to-multi-peer trading company headquartered in College Park, Maryland. Launched in July 2006, Goozex.com was named a Webby Award Official Honoree in April 2007. Currently, it is a leading video game trading service based on an automated point system. Games are assigned a point value based on several factors including supply and demand, and users earn points when trading their games with other users. Points can then be redeemed for other video games. The system offers its users a fair market value for their games and guarantees all trades.
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