BioSignia Announces Joint Marketing Agreement with Hooper Holmes

September 27, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
RTP, N.C. – BioSignia, maker of next generation preventive health solutions, today announced a joint marketing agreement with the Health & Wellness Division of Hooper Holmes, Inc (AMEX:HH). Per the agreement, Hooper Holmes will actively promote BioSignia’s Know Your Number® program as part of its complete wellness solution. In addition, BioSignia will market Hooper Holmes' Health & Wellness as a preferred partner for on-site biometric screenings services.

“We are excited about this partnership because of the mutual business opportunities it creates,” said Tim Smith, president and CEO of BioSignia. “Our Know Your Number program is a best-in-class, internet based, patented tool for performing disease-specific risk assessment and it’s the perfect compliment to the toolset of any company in the wellness, population health and disease management space.”

Know Your Number was developed to predict the likelihood of the onset of preventable diseases and also to inform individuals of how they compare to others who are the same age and ethnicity. This testing also reveals what fraction of a chronic disease risk is modifiable and lets customers know what factors (e.g. lack of exercise, smoking) are contributing to the risks of developing specific chronic conditions. Findings are communicated in easy-to-interpret, visually compelling reports that also help individuals track their progress.

“BioSignia’s Know Your Number program is a uniquely valuable tool for assessing and comparing the health of individuals and presenting information in a clear and easily understood way,” said Chris Behling, President of Hooper Holmes’ Health & Wellness Division. “This is an excellent complement to our unique ability to collect and analyze health data anywhere in the country and a further link in our complete supply chain solution for wellness, disease management, and managed care companies. We think Know Your Number will deliver real value to our customers.”

Hooper Holmes is the only company that meets all the screening needs of wellness, disease management and managed care companies. They schedules screenings, manufacture supplies, ship equipment, screen groups and individuals, conduct all laboratory testing and manage the process from end-to-end.

“Through our partnership with Hooper Holmes, we will be able to offer this powerful information to more people, institutions and companies in our continued efforts to make a positive impact on health outcomes and costs,” said Smith.


About BioSignia
Headquartered in Research Triangle Park, N.C., BioSignia is a leading technology company focused on bringing innovative predictive modeling solutions to the preventive health and life insurance markets. At the core of BioSignia’s flagship solution, Know Your Number, is the company’s proprietary synthesis modeling approach to chronic disease risk prediction. In 2004, BioSignia received the Disease Management Association of America’s prestigious award for Best Enabling Tool for Disease Management. Since then, the company’s talented R&D team has continued to advance synthesis modeling, continuously updating it to reflect the ever expanding need for effective chronic disease prevention, management and treatment. For more information, visit

About Hooper Holmes Health & Wellness
Hooper Holmes’ Health and Wellness Division leverages Hooper Holmes’ unique set of assets to provide a complete service for wellness, disease management, and managed care companies. Health & Wellness provides scheduling support, fulfillment of supplies, blood collection kits, medical screenings, lab testing and data transmission. By leveraging a network of over 9,000 examiners and a wholly owned reference lab with medical device manufacturing and robust fulfillment capabilities, the Division helps its customers reach more participants, gather more participant data earlier in the disease management process, better target interventional health support services and more easily reach participants on their terms, at work or at home. For more information visit:

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