Is Boxer Dog A Good Companion?

June 21, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
When dog lovers are asked what makes a good companion dog? They would probably say Boxer dog. They realize Boxer is one of the most versatile dogs a dog owner could hope for. Loving, loyal and fastidious, the Boxer dog can be trained as a guard dog, as a hunter, as a companion and even as a companion care giver. Most Boxers are even tempered and have great personalities. They make exceptional dogs for families, and even demonstrate courage in the face of adversity.

Boxer dog can be anything — an athletic dog, a dog that loves to snuggle; a dog with a sense of humor — all of these characteristics describe the Boxer. A truly unique dog, the Boxer has gained acclaim in many countries for its appearance, temperament and working abilities.

Based on the reality that Boxer dog is a good companion and many people love them, some breed enthusiasts, veterinarians, rescue volunteers and others are trying to inform more about this dog in will explore the origins of the Boxer; discuss how to choose a Boxer for your family; uncover the realties to owning Boxer; share some training tips and other more. The Website is also trying to help dogs’ lover to understand more about this marvelous dog. Should you get a puppy or a rescue Boxer? This question and other more questions on Boxer dog will be answered openly.

There is one tip about Boxer you probably need to know: Never, ever get a dog from a puppy mill! You might think you are saving this dog, but all you will do is perpetuate the business. If you choose on getting a puppy go to a reputable Boxer breeder. Every reputable breeder committed to perpetuating the Boxer standard.

Once you visit, you can also know the standard for your Boxer. The AKC breed standard which is the ultimate standard for show dogs in the United States is based upon the standard set by the first German Boxer Club in 1904. In its entirety it covers the preferred confirmation for all Boxers being shown and states. More information on standard, general appearance and other things of Boxer will available in this Website.

About provides information and tips on Boxer for various purposes - companion, work, guard, etc. You can read all information and characteristic of Boxer. Visiting this Website will increase your perspective on Boxer.

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