IMailU Launches E-mail Service for Sending Real Letters

September 27, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
ROTTERDAM, September 27, 2007 As of today 26 September 2007, it is possible to send a real letter using email. Via the website IMailU it is possible to send one or more letters anywhere in the world. Consumers and companies do not have to leave the office or house to buy stamps, envelopes and mail letters. IMailU asks a small margin on top of the regular post rates.

IMailU takes away the troubles of sending letters through regular mail by allowing consumers and companies to send regular mail using a simple email. This will save not only time and money, but also printing, folding, stocking stamps, enveloppes, and trips to the post office. Furthermore, IMailU enables people without email to be connected to people with email.

The concept works as follows. A (business) customer can sign-up on the site, add money to an account and start sending letters to The price for a single letter is 0,99 (1 page) for individuals and 0,85 (1 page) for businesses (bulkmail > 50). The costs of sending the letter(s) will be booked off the account after the mail is send. By logging in money can easily be added and the account balance will be shown. It is a small extra fee for a big comfort.