Dr.Web Mail Gateway - new Dr.Web product for mail protection

September 28, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Doctor Web, Ltd., a Russian developer of IT-security solutions under the brand-name of Dr.Web, announces the release of a new product for complex protection of e-mail traffic from viruses and spam for servers operated by UNIX-based systems (Linux/FreeBSD/Solaris(x86).

E-mail still remains the most efficient transportation means to deliver malicious codes to users’ computers. Opening or reading such messages may result in serious consequences – lost of vital information, theft of funds from a credit card, corruption of a hard drive, or leakage of company’s confidential information. Not to mention lost of productivity and working time daily wasted by employees on cleaning the mail boxes from spam — a real scourge of modern offices.

The growth rate, quantity, quality, and complexity of Internet threats hiding in e-mail traffic present high requirements to av-program developers, make them constantly develop and improve spam-fighting technologies, as do the spammers inventing new counteraction techniques against spam detection and new masquerading tricks.

As things go, protection programs installed on corporate servers and ISP's servers become the first and the most effective barrier in the way of viruses and spam. To be successful, such solutions must be bullet-proof reliable, exceptionally productive, and fault-tolerant. But such a solution with combination of these three features can be developed only by a company with a long-term expertise and deep knowledge in development of such systems. Such expertise has Doctor Web, Ltd. and now we present to the public fundamentally new solution in the Dr.Web product line – Dr.Web Mail Gateway.

Dr.Web Mail Gateway is a complex modular solution for processing and filtering of incoming and out-going SMTP/LMTP traffic on servers under UNIX-systems (Linux/FreeBSD/Solaris(x86).

Depending on the network architecture, Dr.Web smtp-proxy can be installed both in the demilitarized zone (DMZ), and in the local company network. Installation of Dr.Web Mail Gateway on a separate company server increases stability of the mail filtering system’s operation, considerably increases general company security, extends capabilities of the solution itself.

Depending on the set of connected plug-ins Dr.Web Mail Gateway can filter e-mails for viruses and spam. License variants: anti-virus, anti-virus&anti-spam.

Key benefits
• Options of installation in the demilitarized zone or inside the mail systems
• Active counteraction to spammers’ attacks – restriction of some parameters of an SMTP-session
• Validation of IP-address
• Protection from hackers – efficient counteraction to “passive” attacks and “active”, non-dictionary attacks.
• Protection from spam traps
• Protection from malformed messages
• Option of blocking big attachments often sent by company’s employees saves on Internet traffic
• Option to establish Open Relays servers
You can read more on key features and benefits of Dr.Web Mail Gateway at http://solutions.drweb.com/mailgateway/

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