Dr.Web for MS Exchange Server 2000/2003 — new enterprise-class product by Doctor Web

September 28, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Doctor Web, Ltd., a Russian developer of IT-security solutions under the brand-name of Dr.Web, announces the release of a new product for complex protection of e-mail traffic from viruses and spam for servers operated by MS Exchange Server 2000/2003.

Creation of enterprise-class anti-virus programs for e-mail protection has always been top priority for Doctor Web, Ltd.’s developers. “Traditionally, Dr.Web products for protection of e-mail traffic have been considered among the best on the IT-security market, and we are sure that MS Exchange Server 2000/2003 will maintain this good tradition”, comments Boris Sharov, the CEO of Doctor Web, Ltd.
Dr.Web for MS Exchange Server 2000/2003 has incorporated Dr.Web's best technologies.

The solution was initially concieved to work in large and very large companies. That predefined one of the most important features of Dr.Web for MS Exchange Server 2000/2003 - its ability to quickly scan gigantic volumes of e-mail streams in combination with the minimal system load thanks to the multi-threaded scanning.

The scanning re-prioritizing option for one and the same message contributes also to system resources economy. Specific rules used to sieve incorrect messages allow filtering e-mails by name, extension of attached files, file size and number of recipients before they are scanned for viruses and spam; this even more decreases the load over the protected system.

E-mal is still the best and most efficient transportation of viruses, malware and spam to users’ computers. Sometimes just a single virus can damage the whole company network. Spam, clogging up the mail servers, accounts for 90% and up of e-mails received by employees.

Spam-filter of Dr.Web for MS Exchange Server 2000/2003 allows to detect more than 97% and it is ready to go since the first e-mail message is received. No additional setting or teaching is required for Dr.Web Anti-spam, in contrast to programs based on Bayesian spam filtering technique. An extremely low percent of false positives stands also on the side of the high detection quality of the new product.

"Release of Dr.Web for MS Exchange Server 2000/2003 enriches our products line for protection of e-mail. And even more new products and good news for our customers will be coming this autumn. Soon we shall release Dr.Web for IBM Lotus Domino. This will insure our ability to cover the whole range of enterprise IT security needs, independently of their network infrastructure." – comments V.Fedotov, the head of the Business development department of Doctor Web.

You can read more on key features and benefits of Dr.Web for MS Exchange Server 2000/2003 at http://solutions.drweb.com/exchange/ .

You can also migrate to one year license for Dr.Web for MS Exchange Server 2000/2003 with a 50% migration discount. For more info see http://buy.drweb.com/togreen/.

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