Intelligent Chaos Continues to Focus on Strategic SOA Services and Solutions

September 28, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Tampa, Fla. (September 28, 2007) — With Oracle’s announcement of Fusion middleware, EMS Consulting quickly understood there was a need to assist their clients with transitioning to the next step in their ERP progression.

EMS Consulting (EMS) created Intelligent Chaos (IC) to focus on providing revolutionary strategic SOA services and solutions. Industry specific offerings have been designed to help organizations streamline, enable, accelerate and evolve their capabilities. The firm has established the gold standard SOA practice by providing a strong differentiating solution to address marketplace needs.

“We start by breaking our services apart. EMS-IC will come in and look at the infrastructure and design a middleware fusion strategy from the infrastructure standpoint,” said Elaine Myrback, president and CEO of EMS Consulting-Intelligent Chaos. “Every company asks what do I do with my hardware, software, integration points - how does my networking fit in? This is the first step in developing an infrastructure strategy and approach to SOA.”

To answer those questions IC designs an infrastructure report. They take the client through it and give them a future set up of what it should require over the next three years from the infrastructure standpoint. When it comes to planning and design, a roadmap is developed crossing all key dimensions in the architecture.

“We go into the roadmap, showing SOA maturity. Where do we start? How do we find a short-term win? Meaning what business applications will get the best return to that client, the fastest,” explained Myrback. “Next we create a SOA framework. That framework will consist of an application that has a lot of customization or needs bridging between other disparate applications.”

IC builds that web service, prototypes, deploys it in a test environment, and then gets it live and in production. EMS-IC closes the gap within the enterprise applications by enhancing ERP applications and through implementation, helps find solutions to realize the substantial business benefits with the latest technology to the end users.

“IC brings significant value to the client by creating their infrastructure and SOA road map, reviewing their business requirements, and building their web services. We are instrumental in transferring knowledge to their technical staff to support building and maintaining their SOA initiative over the next three to five years,” Myrback said. “We may complete four or five different services. When we leave, they have that framework and the methodology to continue forward.”

EMS-IC implements the governance piece including design time/run time management and security.

“If you don’t have SOA governance, then you will likely have neither stability nor compliance. The amount of governance required can be minimal at first, but over time, plays a critical role regarding the technology which has been deployed,” noted Myrback.

The business process customization is built into the user interface. The Intelligent Chaos team creates, designs and deploys individual and industry requirements within those applications. So the client gets to have those industry requirements prior to Oracle’s Fusion applications. Upgrades are simpler, less expensive, and faster.

“The business process customization is where you start seeing real savings in money and time,” Myrback said.

The three stages of EMS-IC’s process - exploration, planning and implementation – allow them to challenge and evaluate how SOA can best address business objectives.

Intelligent Chaos’ solutions respond to the architectural needs of various industries including higher education, healthcare, hospitality, financial, government, and the public sector. In January 2007, the Intelligent Chaos was named the exclusive provider of SOA design and deployment system integration solutions for prestigious Northwestern University.

IC offers strategy sessions to explore the SOA options that are best for the client’s organization. EMS Consulting created Intelligent Chaos in October 2005 to assist a growing number of clients with transitioning to the next step in their ERP evolution.

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