Debt Settlement Program Helps Consumers Reduce Debt Without Filing Bankruptcy

October 01, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Consumer Recovery Network (CRN) is announcing a Debt Settlement Program now available to give consumers a safe way to eliminate credit card debt without filing bankruptcy. Debt settlement programs are designed to help consumers with saving thousands in interest payments and eliminating up to 60% of consumer and credit card debt while avoiding bankruptcy and building credit scores.

“Most Americans are stressed out about debt problems, piles of bills, high interest credit card debt” stated Michael Bovee, President of Consumer Recovery Network. “Now you can quickly and safely eliminate your debts without filing bankruptcy with the consumer and credit card debt settlement program by Consumer Recovery Network.”

Advantages of CRN’s Debt Negotiation and Settlement Services

* With debt settlement you determine your living expenses. With bankruptcy, court is in control.

* With debt settlement you control how quickly you are rid of debts. Bankruptcy takes a standard 5 years to complete.

* With debt settlement, your finances are a private matter. Your bankruptcy will be made public.

* Negative items remain on your credit report for 7 years with settlement, which can be mitigated. A bankruptcy remains on your credit for 10 years. It may effect you even longer for certain employment and loan qualifications.

Debt Settlement Programs Available:

CRN offers educational materials coupled with unlimited access to your own CRN specialist that will assist you in achieving maximum savings.

CRN offers Full Service debt settlement. You work with your CRN specialist while they negotiate and document your accounts on your behalf. Contingency fees apply. Fee's are based on 15% of savings rather than 15% of total debt that most of the industry charges.

You only pay when you know what you have saved and accept the offer.

About Consumer Recovery Network:

Consumer Recovery Network is a debt settlement company specializing in effective debt settlement and negotiation programs and services. Contact us and get the best debt settlement with your creditor, avoid bankruptcy and get help with nasty creditor calls. Call 1-800-939-8357 or visit to start eliminating your debt today.