September 30, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Prefix IT ( has announced the introduction of a staff monitoring feature to PrefixNE v3.5, which offers to control access to internet sites such as Facebook, Bebo, MySpace, YouTube or eBay, as well as applications such as Skype and MSN, by the use of tailorable rules.

The new feature will automatically notify network managers should staff access sites prohibited by company policy and, if required, can close down the application, or Internet Explorer, immediately. Alerts are delivered by on-screen pop-ups, email, or where necessary applications exist, by SMS to PDA or other mobile devices. In addition to real-time monitoring, PrefixNE V3.5 also allows network managers to create reports and break these down to analyse activity over time by team or department as necessary.

Rules to govern which sites or applications are restricted, and what action results, can be created within minutes and tailored to suit specific company culture and policy.

Similarly, PrefixNE can identify if staff are opening emails from social networking sites during working hours. No action results if emails are merely previewed, but if an employee opens one, in an attempt to respond for instance, an automatic alert will be triggered.

“The rise of social networking sites has some UK businesses running scared,” says Graeme Pitts-Drake. “Some are electing to use a blunt weapon and block access to screeds of sites, but PrefixNE’s functionality is smart enough to allow companies to tailor their own response. Some companies may wish to ban these sites, others may be in favour of restricting access within specific hours whilst others merely need to gauge the extent of the issue before acting. With PrefixNE, companies can not only monitor staff activity with discretion, but can effectively and simply control the situation according to their own judgement and avoid a potential staff backlash.”

Following the introduction of Critical Alerts in July 2007, PrefixNE includes five modules in an integrated suite of network management tools. Critical Alerts enables SMEs to avoid potential business disruption through real-time alerts and powerful drill-down diagnostic tools.

Other modules in PrefixNE allow users to audit, manage and secure hardware and software assets in real time, deploy security patches, software upgrades and virus updates, manage and deploy software licenses, ensure compliance, track software usage, set IT policies, block applications such as P2P, protect data loss from external storage devices, prevent the spread of malicious code and strategically plan for the future based on powerful analysis and reporting.

PrefixNE V3.5 is available immediately and is sold on a modular basis with payment being made over three years. Prices are from £0.25 - £2 per PC per month depending on the quantity of PCs and the functionality required.

About Prefix
Prefix IT Ltd ( develops and markets powerful IT management and end-point security products that address the ever-growing management, compliance and security challenges facing business and IT professionals on a daily basis. Launched in the UK in 2005, Prefix IT occupies a critical niche in the network management market providing real-time asset, compliance and security management from a single console.

The company is privately held and backed by a group of investors advised by Goldman Investments. The antecedents of Goldman Investments go back to the late David Goldman, founder and Executive Chairman of The Sage Group plc (LSE: SGE). In more recent times, Goldman Investments has been closely involved in the development and, in 2004, listing of Invu (AIM: NVUK), a leading European document management software company.