Most Wonderful Time Will Be Always at Hand with Atomic Alarm Clock 4.9!

September 30, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Drive Software Company has announced the immediate release of Atomic Alarm Clock 4.9, the new version of a computer alarm-clock designed to replace ordinary Windows tray clock, thus, making your desktop look more stylish. Atomic Alarm Clock, as well as a standard tray clock in Windows displays current time in hours, minutes and seconds in either 12 or 24-hour format. It shows the system uptime, day of the week, month and date. Its ability to show time for any time zone can be found very useful by business people and those who travel a lot. Atomic Alarm Clock includes more than 130 default skins. Version 4.9 of the clock fully supports Windows Vista and a double-height task bar option.

One of the most simple but still extremely essential inventions in the history of technology is the alarm clock. Hardly can anybody deny the ultimate utility of the gadget. But nowadays, in the age of cutting-edge technologies the whole essence of an alarm clock is slowly changing by passing its functions to watches, mobile phones and PCs. Atomic Alarm Clock is a perfect example of such changes. This alarm clock application, besides simply showing time, can notify users of important events or just things to do either repetitively or once. At a preset time, the application can play a sound, show a pop-up message, launch a program or open a file, and even execute various operations with Windows. For example, an ordinary end of a working day can become an exciting ritual. All you have to do is to set the time for Atomic Alarm Clock to play your favorite MP3 file with a shutdown of the computer to follow.

Atomic Alarm Clock ensures high time precision by synchronizing with Atomic Clock Servers. It can show time for two different time zones simultaneously. The program can be appreciated by many users all over the world, regardless of the language because the program is multilingual and supports 16 most popular languages. Atomic Alarm Clock includes a multi-skin calendar, as well as more than 130 default skins for its own tray display. Once a particular skin is chosen, you may then proceed to further decorate your clock by adding gradient colors, removing tray borders, or vice versa by making the background transparent. You can even set the time to be displayed in Longhorn Style.

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