Share of Voice Strategy Can Increase Small Business Sales, Share of Market and Profit, Geskey Says

October 01, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Auburn Hills, MI - Increasing a small business' sales and profit either has has to come from market growth or out of the hides of competitors (usually larger companies who own the market and have the customers). An amazing new book, "David vs. Goliath:Guerrilla Media Buying for Small Business, A New Way to Win," explains how small businesses can implement an innovative strategy (used by many large corporations) to steal market share from larger companies— and without spending one extra dime in advertising or marketing (which consequently also increases profit margins).

The key to the strategy is the well documented/researched relationship between Share of Voice (competitive marketing messages) and Share of Market. n brief, increased Share of Voice Leads to Increased Share of Market.

The book explains that there are two ways to increase Share of Voice: (1) spend more money or (2) spend the money you have more efficiently and effectively.

So the way a small business can increase Share of Voice without additional investment is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness its current advertising and marketing spending.

No matter what your familiarity with the subject, Geskey provides a comprehensive study presented in simple layman's terms into how small business owners can increase their Share of Market by increasing their Share of Voice by 50 -200% or more without budget increases— and reclaim their share of profit from the chains and conglomerates.

"David vs. Goliath" shows how to use traditional media like TV and newspapers at a fraction of the cost. The book also provides hundreds of creative guerrilla media buying strategies and tactics. The result is that every marketing dollar spent work like two or three dollars in terms of consumer impact.

Geskey also covers how small businesses can and must learn to compete nationally and globally via a world class internet presence, how to get 20% budget increase by exercising a simple accounting action, how to negotiate at least 50% more from media sellers by using a few simple negotiating tactics, as well as a list of things to watch out for (Media Buyers: Caveat Emptor). The book also includes an explanation the basic media concepts, terminology and math the small business owner needs to negotiate with media sales people and make intelligent spending, budgeting and marketing decisions, David and Goliath helps small business owners get the most value for their dollar.

The reader will learn how to analyze media alternatives and negotiate media buys which will maximize your ROI and avoid profit draining blunders like these:

(1) A prominent auto dealer advertising group in a large market recently spent $550,000 on a media sponsorship valued at $150,000— effectively wasting $400,000 (70%) of the dealers' budget. The wasted $400,000 should have either gone to the bottom line as profit or reinvested in additional marketing to generate several million dollars in additional sales and profit.

(2) Armed with the same budgets, one media buyer negotiated 150,000 media exposures, while another media buyer (who had a negotiation strategy) negotiated 250,000 exposures. Why the difference?

With over 30 years of senior management experience in marketing and media planning and buying at some of the best advertising agencies in the country, Geskey provides a unique, inside perspective on on the weaknesses and strategies of large corporations and understands how to beat the big companies at their own game. Available for the first time in print, Geskey provides the wealth of his experience and the knowledge he has shared with classes and businesses throughout his career. He is also CEO of 2020:Marketing Communications LLC which publishes the Thumbnail Media Planner and is the author of numerous works sold at

David vs. Goliath (278 pages/paperback) is available at and other online book stores.