“Myths and Understanding”- ArtVantage presents a corporate art exhibition on world myths with a separate sub-section featuring Henry Ford and Levi-Strauss, 11th-12th Oct at Taj Residency, Bangalore.

October 01, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
ArtVantage, based in UK announces a corporate art exhibition titled “Myths and Understanding” at Taj Residency. Bangalore to showcase narratives that expose “the best practice, knowledge and understanding” of many myths and lessons learnt from them.

The art exhibition will reflect on paintings based on myths that correspond to the unifying character in them, their origin and belief and how they with diverse narratives essentially relate to one consciousness. The paintings will reflect on the objective and formative quality of the myths and how they can be better understood with a sense of direction in thinking and realization. According to Jeff Ross, Director, ArtVantage “the focus of the exhibition will be to share knowledge, to discuss, apprehend and identify and classify problems and to rediscover the spirit of courage and comradeship to characterize the alluring qualities of all myths”.

“The painting on Icarus titled the soul of Icarus forseeing his own fall, is one that teaches us about a myopic vision that a company or organization needs to inculcate to stand in good stead ahead of market competition and at the same time makes one aware of the renaissance spirit of exploration to reap windfall profits in a particular cluttered market segment”, says, Joy Roy Choudhury, Consultant, ArtVantage.

ArtVantage will exhibit paintings of Samij Datta whose paintings have created ripples in the art market both in India and Europe. Samij specializes in abstract paintings because according to him “it’s the refracted subject that fascinates him more than anything else”.

Along with world mythology exhibits, there will be a separate sub-section featuring paintings on corporate myths featuring Henry Ford and Levi-Strauss. Few paintings among others in the series that has won acclaim from fans and art critics are “Magdala” and “John Barleycorn Must Die”, “The Cosmic Dancer As Seen In A Cirrus Cloud Illuminated By The Sun”, “The Soul Of Icarus Forseeing His Own Fall” and “Prometheus in Heisenberg's Uncertainty: Certainly Prometheus Unbound”.

The art exhibition will be formally inaugurated by Jeff Ross, Director, ArtVantage and it will go on for two days at Taj Residency (11th-12th Oct, 07) alongside e-assessment conference by Assessment Tomorrow.

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