AUTSUN.COM Launches Experiential Online Shopping

October 03, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
New Delhi, India—October 3, 2007 - New Delhi, India based startup Anything Under The Sun® which recently unveiled its concept service U-Make-The-Store has come up with another innovation in online shopping: Experiential Online Shopping. AUTSUN.COM is offering the user a chance to view the product commercials, hear audio readings for books and get up close to the product before the customer orders the product.

Once a user goes to the product detail page, a TV icon on the page allows the user to open a window that streams the latest product videos/audios. Some of these videos are being streamed from the manufacturers’ websites, while others are being streamed from You-Tube.

“Often people want to see more aspects of the product before buying it online. Since you cannot touch-feel the product in an online shopping environment, a product audio/video gives a better idea of how the product looks/feels. For example, the iPod Nano video enables the user to understand how small and sleek the product is, or what the product colors look like”, says Urvi Khanna, CCO of AUTSUN.COM.

Another breakthrough in this experience is for products that do not have existing TV Commercials. For example take the case of books – what AUTSUN.COM is doing for books is to get people to read out passages from books on the website and uploading them as product videos.

“A passage being read-out from a book makes for an interesting, more interactive experience. All of us have experienced some joy in somebody reading out aloud to us”, explains Urvi.

AUTSUN.COM is redefining retail with its inventive concept called 'On-Demand Retail'. AUTSUN.COM allows subscribers to create product recommendations and dictate pricing through its trend-setting methodology ‘U-Make-The-Store’. The ever growing product catalog on AUTSUN.COM is being populated by a global community of consumers who can meet online, leave ‘product footprints’ and interact with people sharing common interests. Contributors are featured on the website along with the product details, and also earn redeemable reward points.

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Malavika Khanna
Anything Under The Sun®