Calyptix Joins Culminis Solution Provider Network

October 03, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
CHARLOTTE, NC – Internet security firm, Calyptix Security, has joined the Culminis Solution Provider Network, a not-for-profit organization which supports the growth and development of the information technology professional community.

"We are pleased to join a network that connects us to User Groups worldwide. This is fertile ground for gaining the perspective of the IT professionals whose feedback, challenges and demands we need to know in order to focus our future development efforts in the best direction,” comments Ben Yarbrough, CEO of Calyptix Security. “Our participation as speakers within the network opens up an avenue for presenting our fresh approach for IT security directly to IT Professional users. We are excited to be a resource for them and a participant in their growth and development.”

Calyptix provides a security suite that delivers affordable enterprise level network protection via plug and play format of the AccessEnforcer™. Configured as an all-in-one appliance, the AccessEnforcer secures networks from attacks with state of the art systems for firewall, intrusion prevention, email filtering, web content filtering and instant messaging management. The AccessEnforcer deploys the company’s proprietary dynamic filtering techniques against zero-day attacks to eliminate the window of vulnerability to new viruses and malicious attacks before they are discovered
Members of the Culminis community can access Calyptix solution information at

Culminis is an international not-for profit organization devoted to the development and growth of the IT community. After supporting and connecting professional user groups and associations, student organizations and solution providers for more than three years, Culminis has come to understand the goals and needs of each group, as well as the resources they have to share. With this knowledge Culminis develops programs that ensure a meaningful and equitable exchange of those resources, ultimately elevating the status of the IT Pro both in their industry and in the community.

About Calyptix Security
Calyptix Security Corporation provides all-in-one network security solutions designed for small and medium businesses to stop spam, viruses, spyware, hackers and other cyber threats. AccessEnforcer™, the company’s premier product, incorporates all of these features for a single price in one appliance that is easy to install, activate and maintain. The AccessEnforcer deploys DyVax™, a proprietary algorithm and inspection engine that dynamically filters email traffic, executables and Microsoft files from true zero-day threats without reliance on signatures. DyVax has proven more successful than leading antivirus solutions. From its headquarters in Charlotte, NC, Calyptix provides solutions nationwide to customers who want powerful yet affordable and manageable security for their IT networks and data. For more information, please visit