Drum Runner offers quicker and safer cabling solution

October 04, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
A new tool to make the awkward and potentially dangerous job of cabling safer, quicker and more convenient, has been invented by a Sheffield businessman. Aptly-named Drum Runner, it is a cost-effective and innovative design that allows cables of any length, height and width to be put onto a frame more easily and utilised by cabling contractors with minimum hassle. The portable and detachable unit is designed to fit snugly and conveniently into the tool kit.
It makes working with cables much easer and cuts down on installation time, which means more profit for cabling firms. Drum Runner saves time, bypasses the bother of tangled cables and has added health and safety benefits - as there are no unnecessary masses of cables blocking thoroughfares which can lead to trips and falls.
Designed by Sheffield resident and SCC Electrical wholesale owner Martin Flack, the compact creation is the result of years of frustration with an inadequate cabling solution. Through observing and having experience of the cabling process on a daily basis, Martin was able to see exactly what needed to be done to make the job easier, quicker, more convenient and safer.
Martin has been guided through the patents and trademarks minefield by local experts Inventor-Net, which is backed by Atkinson & Company and Fixed Fee IP. Ralph Atkinson, director of Atkinson & Company and brainchild of both the Inventor-Net and Fixed Fee IP concepts, said: “This is exactly the sort of idea we are helping to try and achieve commercial fruition. When tradesmen that have been in the industry many years come up with a time-saving, money-saving solution, they often know what they’re talking about. What they have lacked in the past is the ability to get their ideas to market at a realistic price, which is where Inventor-Net comes in.”
The two-piece interlocking frame allows cables ranging from small armoured 16mm twin earth wires, to 6491 x singles to be stored and pulled off with ease, without toppling the frame, thanks largely to the low centre of gravity of the frame and the angle and position of its feet.
“This device helps avoid the health hazard of cables strewn across the floor, as well as the added nuisance of tangled wires. It can be packed away into one piece for simplicity of storage and handling, a necessity for the travelling contractor,” says Martin.
For more information on, log on to the website at www.drum-runner.com, telephone Martin Flack direct on 0114 2728150 or e-mail info@drum-runner.com.
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