Announces Winners of the Essay Writing Contest

October 04, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
While the exact dates of publication of the names of successful applicants and the commencement of the project have not yet been determined, the result has been confirmed by HR department which will announce the results during the last three months. received 2000 contenders for about 120 places for this particular contest, from a pool of very academically proficient candidates. “The judgment and criteria for selecting applicants was solely determined by HR Department, rather than by the company” says Matthew King who is the current CEO of “The HR Department brings into play aptitude tests as one essential in their final pronouncement for eligible applicants. In that respect, their decision to accept or reject contestants will not change the company’s present approach to employment”.

The selection process ran for a period of one month and was opened to persons academically and ethically conscientious. About 2000 applicants indicated their interest. At the beginning, began offering a matching approach to select applicants not based on race, sex, nationality or ethnicity. “This modus operandi was calculated to provide an appraisal of the applicants’ potentials to write academic essays”
Mr. King comes in again. “The company's employment techniques through questionnaire, communication, interviewing and testing, was a further piece of information alongside an essay writing test, the applicants’ academic background and other information available to on the applicants’ entry form. I suppose this technique is best intended to perk up the selection method and to make the contest parallel to all applicants, irrespective of which direction the come from”.

“The 120 selected writers are anticipated to convey exceptionally special endowments and points of view to” says Mrs. Jones the head of HR department. “They are experienced writers who want to contribute to the magnificence of their know-how with readers of good essays and other writing projects. We are impatient to find out what they have, how it has an effect on us and how this can definitely impact on the lives of our customers.”

In, it is not intended that the above selection criteria should be a basis to remain in the service. Even after the results have been published, the applicants’ performances on the job will remain an important part in the HR Department’s final decision. This principle aims at providing a further element on information in selecting not only the most academically able aspirants, but those who have a well-built potential, strength of mind and commitment to remain work alongside the goals of
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