DEM Launches EDEM 1.3 at ICSE

October 04, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
DEM Solutions, a leading developer of discrete element modeling software solutions, has today released a significantly enhanced version of its market leading particulate simulation software, EDEM 1.3 at ICSE.

Within the pharmaceutical sector where over 75% of all pharmaceutical products are in solid dosage form, particulates are involved in almost every stage of the manufacturing process. For example, the primary processing of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) involves filtration, crystallization, centrifugation, blending, milling and drying of particulates. Likewise, mixing, granulation, fluidized bed drying, transport, filling, compaction and coating are common stages in secondary processing of API when forming powder, tablets and capsules.

By simulating and analysing the flow of particulates in any given manufacturing process, EDEM produces valuable information enabling engineers to investigate the effect of product characteristics and operating conditions without the need to build costly prototypes. According to a recent US-FDA report, the estimated that potential cost savings worldwide from manufacturing improvements within the pharmaceutical industry could be as high as $90 billion per year.

As a result, advanced computer modeling techniques such as EDEM are now being deployed alongside a range of measurement techniques to better understand the interaction between material properties, equipment design and operating conditions.

The latest version of of DEM Solutions’ industry leading EDEM software includes four key areas of enhancement:

· a new electrostatics modeling package along with enhanced contact and particle body force models;

· enhanced GUI layout for faster model setup with additional geometry and scene manipulation controls;

· enhanced performance and improved scalability on multi-processor machines leading to faster solver results of upto 500%

· Improved model set up and extended API customization for user definable particle attributes

John Favier, CEO of DEM Solutions, commented:

“We believe this latest version of EDEMTM will deliver substantial improvements for our global client base. EDEM 1.3 with its enhanced solver performance, greater scalability and XP64bit support delivers enhanced pre- and post processing capabilities for larger and more complex simulations. We believe these performance, usability and functionality improvements will enable engineers to deliver even greater design and operational insights for substantial development timescale improvements and cost savings in manufacture processes.

To view a demonstration of EDEM 1.3, DEM Solutions will be present at the ICSE conference in Milan, Italy (2nd – 4th October 2007) - IT Zone, stand no 16IT01, Hall 16.


About DEM Solutions

DEM Solutions is a leader in discrete element modeling software. Its EDEM software is used to simulate particle handling, processing and manufacturing operations in pharmaceutical, chemical, mineral and materials processing as well as oil & gas production, agricultural and construction and geo-technical engineering. EDEM provides high-resolution information on particle kinematics, momentum, heat and mass transfer in particulate flows. DEM Solutions’ consultancy team works with customers to solve design and production problems by simulating and analyzing the processes at the particle scale. DEM Solutions’ corporate headquarters are located in Edinburgh, UK with offices in Lebanon, NH, USA. For more information: