The Idea Grove Outlines Its Service Offerings

June 24, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
The Idea Grove is an intellectual and creative resource for our clients. We pride ourselves on adapting our core areas of expertise — strategic thinking, persuasive writing, visual design, business knowledge, media experience — to our clients' specific objectives. Our service areas include:

— Mission, Vision and Values

Today's employees aren't satisfied with following orders; they want to understand how their jobs fit into the big picture. Are you communicating your company's "big picture" in a consistent and compelling way? To provide workers with clarity of purpose and direction, the Idea Grove works with clients to create highly effective mission, vision and values statements, and to integrate these into comprehensive internal communications programs.

— Brand Strategy

Every company and every product should have a brand strategy - a specific plan for differentiating your brand from its competitors. The Idea Grove works with you to find your niche in a crowded marketplace. With your brand strategy as a foundation, the Idea Grove will develop a complete marketing plan for your company or product.

— Corporate and Financial Public Relations

A company's communications to investors and the news media has a direct impact on profitability and growth. The Idea Grove begins with a thoughtful analysis of your company's most critical audiences; then, we work with you to develop and implement a comprehensive program to manage interactions with these audiences on an ongoing basis.

— Product Public Relations

Conservatively, U.S. companies launch more than 30,000 new products each year. That makes it difficult to cut through the media clutter - unless you have a creative strategy for getting noticed. Whether you are introducing a new product or re-positioning an existing one, we can help you conceive and execute a media relations strategy that generates excitement and, more importantly, sales.

— Internal Communications

The Idea Grove partners with corporate HR and communications departments to develop strategies for increasing employee engagement and organizational alignment - from developing internal communications programs for large, decentralized workforces to creating print vehicles and Intranets for companies of all sizes. The Idea Grove has experience is helping companies transition their workforces through a wide variety of changes, including organizational restructuring, leadership transitions, company crises, new strategic directions, and mergers/acquisitions.

— Sales and Marketing Collateral

In the battle for market share, is your sales force properly armed? Brochures, sales sheets, sales presentations, case studies and white papers represent the ammunition your sales team needs to be effective. The Idea Grove applies its design and copywriting expertise to create distinctive collateral materials that make your sales force's job easier.

— Executive Communications

In a business climate where CEOs are increasingly under the microscope, the "personal brand" of an executive is critical to his or her company's success. The Idea Grove develops and implements distinctive executive communications programs, securing high-profile speaking engagements and preparing entertaining, well-researched speeches to help your executive stand out as an industry leader.

— Visual Branding

A picture is worth 1,000 words, and the visual representation of a company or product through its logo, typefaces and colors is of similar importance. Based on a client's brand strategy, the Idea Grove applies its design expertise to create powerful and lasting visual identities for its clients.

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