Gulf Coast Chiropractor Takes Successful Practice to New Heights After Retaining ACOM Chiropractic Consulting Group

October 04, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
PANAMA CITY, Florida, October 4, 2007 – Dr. Jon Sherman, a solo family practitioner who divides his time between offices in Panama City and Panama City Beach, has increased his patient retention rate by 50 percent and increased the clinic’s annual revenue rate by one-third since engaging the Chiropractic Consulting Group in early 2007 to audit his practice and make recommendations for improving efficiency and profitability.

Unlike many doctors who seek out consultants to fix practice ailments, Dr. Sherman’s Panama City Chiropractic was doing well, seeing 135-160 patients per week in the two offices and generating an annual revenue stream in excess of $450,000. Although the only professional at the clinics, he was supported by a three-person office staff and four contract massage therapists. But the Life University graduate sensed that his practice had stalled at that level and that although prosperous, it would require changes in order to continue its growth.

“I was using homegrown processes that I knew were inefficient since like most chiropractors, I was well trained in health sciences but not so well in business,” he said. “I looked at quite a few coaches and ultimately attended a seminar conducted by the ACOM Healthcare Business Consulting Group. I was blown away….”

The consulting group focuses on the business side of chiropractic, stressing case management and accuracy of chiropractic billing, coding and documentation. Dr. Sherman retained the group for a two-day visit to the practice, during which a consultant studied the organization and flow of office activities and reviewed the paperwork and forms used throughout the typical day.

At the end of the visit, the consultant laid out his analysis of existing problems and proposed alternative procedures, along with detailed guidance for more precise coding so as to collect fully for all services provided. ACOM continues to provide coaching remotely since the on-site engagement.

“The practice was successful but I was working hard and not getting to where I wanted to be,” Dr. Sherman said, “ACOM found the holes and plugged them and now we’re moving forward again. It proves that you don’t have to be struggling in order to benefit from their consulting services.”

About ACOM’s Chiropractic Consulting Group

The ACOM Chiropractic Consulting Group, a professional services unit of ACOM Solutions, Inc., offers a suite of consulting programs for educating, equipping and empowering healthcare providers for success. Group consultants diagnose practice problems and provide options for improving chiropractic office operations and addressing the critical coding and document issues that are unique to the profession. The Consulting Group two-fold mission is to enable doctors to make more money ethically by collecting fully for all services performed while protecting themselves against audits, payback demands and possible legal actions. For information on ACOM’s Chiropractic Consulting Services, phone 866-286-5315, ext. 503; email; or visit


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