ACOM Healthcare Business Division Introduces RAPID Complete - Enterprise Edition for Chiropractic-driven Multi-Specialty Pain Management Practices

October 04, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
JACKSONVILLE, Florida, October 4, 2007 — The ACOM Healthcare Business Division today introduced RAPID Complete – Enterprise Edition, an extended version of its RAPID Complete chiropractic software solution that supports the accelerating trend towards chiropractic-centric, multi-specialty, often multi-location pain management practices, it was announced by Division Vice President and General Manager Gregory T. Church.

RAPID Complete - Enterprise Edition comprises a comprehensive set of clinical and practice management features for coping with the intricacies of the new breed of practices, Church said, noting that the software’s chiropractic focus enables ACOM to install complete systems for as little as 20 percent of the cost of similar products that are directed towards the horizontal medical market.

“In some geographic areas, the number of practices with the new multi-discipline focus has as much as doubled in the past year, virtually creating a new healthcare sector and generating a new set of requirements for dealing centrally with the complexities and characteristics of the several disciplines involved,” he said. “Each has clinical reporting and practice management issues that may be unique to the specialty and ACOM’s Healthcare Business Division is well positioned to help, with more than 20 years of experience across the healthcare spectrum.”

The Enterprise edition incorporates all key features of RAPID Complete as well as new capabilities that include, among others
-Patient prescription management
-Centralized multi-location patient scheduling and billing
-Centralized report management, with sorting by facility
-Consolidated view of patient’s medical record and documentation by each specialist Involved in treatment
-Inter-specialty workflow and records availability
-Individualized specialty profiles showing only codes related to that specialty
-Billing charges driven by doctors’ actual documentation
-Scalability by specialty, location and services available/performed.

Minimally, Church said, pain management practices combine the resources of chiropractic, physical therapy and rehabilitation, but they can be expanded outward to incorporate other healthcare/medical specialties either as clinic staff or as associated clinical partners. Conventional medical specialists are attracted to the model because it opens new opportunities for them to participate in a broader wellness initiative.

“In the past, chiropractic has struggled to find its place in the healthcare universe and this new trend is extremely promising,” Church said. “It represents a new day in which chiropractic is asserting leadership and conventional medicine is following, alert to its potential as a contributor to treatment programs involving alternative methodologies as well as to its opportunities for much-needed income stabilization. ACOM works energetically to provide the best possible practice automation platform to support this more holistic approach to healing.”

Because all RAPID clinical and practice management solutions are scalable, existing RAPID users can build out their solutions seamlessly as they grow or if they opt to create or join a broader clinical initiative, Church noted.

“Many highly successful enterprises grow out of strategic consolidations,” he said. “RAPID solutions simplify the process by providing a solid foundation for growth in any direction.”

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