Abyss Web Server 2.5 adds full SSL support

October 04, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Aprelium Technologies has just released a new version of its popular software Abyss Web Server. The new version 2.5 adds support for secure SSL/HTTPS connections as well as an integrated user-friendly interface to manage, self-sign, and import SSL certificates.

Abyss Web Server is a compact, easy-to-use and feature-rich Web server available on Windows (95 and later), Mac OS X (10.2 and later), Linux (any distribution), and FreeBSD (6.0 and later). Despite its small footprint, it supports secure SSL/HTTPS connections, CGI/FastCGI, ISAPI extensions, Server Side Includes (SSI), native ASP.NET (on Windows), custom error pages, URL rewriting, access control, aliases, custom directory listings, anti-leeching, and bandwidth throttling.

Unlike other server software, Abyss Web Server is easy to setup and control. Its intuitive, multilingual remote Web management interface does not require knowledge of system administration and removes the need to manually edit any configuration files.

Abyss Web Server supports a wide range of modern Web technologies. It can host and run PHP, Perl, Python, ASP, Ruby on Rails and ASP.NET Web applications which can be backed by databases such as MySQL, MS SQL Server, and Oracle.

Abyss Web Server can handle large amounts of traffic even on standard hardware. It also features several security mechanisms, such as an automatic anti-hacking system that detects and dynamically bans suspicious visitors to help prevent DoS (Denial of Service) attacks.

"We created Abyss Web Server as a secure and cost effective solution for businesses and individuals who want to insource their Web sites hosting without losing any sleep over it." said Khaled Smache, Chief Executive Officer of Aprelium Technologies.

Abyss Web Server exists in two editions:
* A free personal edition Abyss Web Server X1: It can only host a single site and is available for download from http://www.aprelium.com/abyssws .
* A professional edition Abyss Web Server X2: It is priced at $59.95 US. It supports multiple sites hosting and can be ordered online from http://www.aprelium.com/order .

— About Aprelium Technologies:

Aprelium Technologies is a software publisher with customers in more than 50 countries. It introduced its popular flagship product Abyss Web Server in April 2002. Since then, more than 3 million copies of its personal edition Abyss Web Server X1 have been downloaded worldwide.

Aprelium Technologies is a privately held company founded in 2001. Its headquarters are located in Tunis, Tunisia.


* The free personal edition Abyss Web Server X1 can be downloaded from http://www.aprelium.com/abyssws .
* Evaluation copies of the professional edition Abyss Web Server X2 are available upon request.
* Detailed press information is available at http://www.aprelium.com/abyssws/press.html .
* Screenshots are available at http://www.aprelium.com/abyssws/screenshots.html .
* Abyss Web Server logo is available at http://www.aprelium.com/data/artwork .
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