Petite Model and Author Launches Podcast "Model Talk"

October 05, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
New York, NY October 5, 2007 — She has modeled her thumb, her backside, her eyes, her toes, her hands, her forehead, her hair, her legs, her breasts and even her crotch. Every part of Isobella Jade has been captured on film or digital during one shoot, casting, or encounter or another between 2001 through present day. Her latest venture is her "Model Talk" audio podcast, which is based off of her modeling memoir called "Almost 5'4."" Starting on Wednesday October 3rd (her lucky number) Isobella Jade will launch her first show and introduces herself as the shortest and perhaps most successful model in New York under the height of 5'4". With an undertone of "Confessions of the Internet Model", Isobella will explain how she has made a business out of her body and how simply Googling the word "model" made it all happen. The show will mock with charm America's Next Top Model with Isobella's America's Tiniest Model, and explain how the Internet has allowed someone of her miniature status to be a model since 2001, and how she got ahead despite the majority of the time acting as her own agent.

With an energetic laugh and girl next door sass she will most likely be wearing her highest heels during the show as she dives back into her amateur past and then brings up some of her recent success and stories from modeling jobs for Marshall's, Bon Appetit, body doubling for Christina Ricci, Time magazine, as she still seeks more work as a height challenged model.

Each week, she will talk it as she lives it on Model Talk, available on BlogTalkRadio under her name: isobellajade, ( show is meant for the average girl of all heights who is curious about the realities of being the underdog in a business of towering competition. Yet the fashion world might want to listen up to how this outsider has gained an impressive global resume mostly on her own. The weekly half- hour segments will share hints and tips from her every day experiences of how to get an agent, how to be sellable no matter your height, how to use the Internet to your advantage and how the underdog of any trade can prevail.

Isobella Jade: Born and raised in Syracuse, New York her roots are running in the mud on her high school Cross Country team. For the past 6 years she has been a striving and successful petite model. she has been trying to continue when she unexpectedly started during her sophomore year of college from a random search on Google of the word "model."
She graduated with a Bachelor in Advertising from New York Institute of Technology in 2004 but has only been marketing herself since then.(Her website is: and she blogs daily at:

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