Encryptomatic® LLC releases MessageLock™ 1.8 Strong Email Encryption add-in for Microsoft® Outlook®

October 16, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
(Moorhead, MN USA) Encryptomatic® LLC today announced the release of MessageLock™ 1.8, the zip-compatible email encryption add-in for Microsoft® Outlook®. MessageLock simplifies the process of sending encrypted email messages, and does not require the recipient to install special single-purpose decryption software.

MessageLock uses widely compatible AES encryption as implemented in popular Zip file utilities, which means that recipients only need to have a standard zip file utility.

MessageLock uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption (selectable 256 or 128 bit) to perform email and file encryption, which means that hundreds of millions of computers that already have an AES-compatible zip utility are capable of opening MessageLock-encrypted zip files.

Encryption and compression may be easily toggled on or off on a per-message basis. MessageLock learns passwords, and will automatically recall previous passwords when sending or receiving encrypted emails or files to a specific email address. Passwords can be easily changed at any time.

MessageLock's default settings can be configured in a variety of flexible ways. For example, file compression can be disabled for specific domains or specific email addresses, by file size or specific file type.

MessageLock installs in just moments as a Microsoft Outlook add-in. The user types an email address, and presses the "Encrypt Message" button on the toolbar, and enters a password. The email message is encrypted on the sender's PC, and decryption occurs on the receiver's PC. This means that the message is secured the moment it leaves the sender's PC.

Although maximum convenience occurs when both sender and receiver are using MessageLock, its encrypted files are easily accessible if the password is known. Encrypted email messages can be viewed by any Outlook user who has an encryption-enabled Zip file utility.
Several improvements have been made to MessageLock 1.8 over previous versions including:
• the ability to convert email messages to .pdf or .mht format, in addition to Outlook .msg format
• automatically rename zip file attachments to a different file extension to traverse difficult firewalls
• Compatible with Outlook versions 2013 through 2003
• Password protect settings
• Ability to create a standard database for multiple users
• Silent installation for enterprise users

MessageLock is free to try. A fully functional trial may be downloaded from www.encryptomatic.com/ml/

Encryptomatic LLC is a developer and reseller of Microsoft-based email security solutions, and is a member of the Association of Software Professionals.

Founded in 2005, Encryptomatic LLC offers software solutions that improve the email experience. MessageLock is the company's premier product targeted at small and medium sized businesses and business professional offices. MessageLock delivers strong encryption for email messages and attachments for Microsoft Outlook users.
For more information call 651-815-4902.

Windows 8/7/Vista/XP, and Microsoft Office Outlook 2013/2010/2007/2003.
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