Anti-Spyware Misnomer Being Corrected by Innovative, Online Company

October 06, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Austin, TX – October 6, 2007 – “Discouraged” and “frustrated” are words that you might often hear somebody use to describe their feelings after purchasing so-called anti-spyware. Why? Because many are finding that what the software promises to eliminate—spyware (hence, the ‘anti’) —it in fact continues to do itself. And consumers have had just about enough of it. That is where comes in. This new and innovative site is offering consumers a way in which they can find more information about anti-spyware before they commit to a purchase.

Online security and anti-spyware is on the minds of everyone, especially in today’s society of fraud and theft. It is not only essential to one’s personal system, but to the entire Internet community as well. This is because unwanted malware is the number one online threat that affects more than 90% of all computers. So, in order to have the highest level of protection, it is crucial to install the right type of anti-spyware software that can remove any intruders and ensure security.

Through the efforts of a team of anti-spyware experts employed by, reviews and referrals are offered to consumers on the top anti-spyware software available. By thoroughly testing a plethora of anti-spyware software based on effective spyware removal, speed of scan, user-friendliness and customer service; these experts then list all of the related information about the recommended anti-spyware software on the site. Other factors that influence whether or not a specific anti-spyware product is recommended include: free malware scans, free updates, pop-up blocker, hijacking prevention, and excellent customer support.

Once the anti-spyware product recommendations are posted, consumers can effectively compare each anti-software product and decide for themselves, based on merit, which anti-spyware product will best fit their needs…without having to worry that their anti-spyware is spying on them. And, if and when the time comes that a user would like some guided support from one of an anti-spyware expert, there are several contact options including a toll free number, an e-mail address, or a live chat forum with immediate response.

The benefits derived from the recommended anti-spyware and adware on includes: real-tie-blocking (RTB) against both spyware and adware; detection and removal of the trickiest types of malware; and protection from phishing attacks, pop-ups, keyloggers and browser hijacking.

With headquarters in Austin, Texas, serves the World Wide Web 24/7/365 and offers ongoing platform and anti-spyware technical support to its users. is a free service, providing educational updates and impartial reviews of anti-spyware software to consumers. Reviews that are found on the site are based on findings revealed during research of the anti-spyware software referenced and are subject to change without notice. Online Entertainment Reviews, Inc. also services other industries like dating, movies, music, games, and other online entertainment sources. is a ‘must see’ and ‘most recommended’ anti-spyware software reference site in channels and forums.

There are a large number of anti-spyware products on the market today that are being falsely advertised by infecting the systems they are supposed to be protecting. It’s about time that reliable and trustworthy anti-spyware and adware were brought to the forefront.

Visit today to find out how we’re not only educating consumers on the facts of anti-spyware and correcting the related misnomer, but also putting them in front of the best anti-spyware software available.