New course dates announced from the Edward de Bono Foundation (UK)

October 07, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
The Edward de Bono Foundation (UK) has announced its Q4 2007 open course dates, offering businesses, government and education organisations a unique opportunity to improve individual and group productivity through one-off workshops.

The sessions are based on the ground-breaking ‘thinking systems’ developed by Dr Edward de Bono, including Six Thinking Hats®, Lateral Thinking™, Simplicity, Direct Attention Thinking Tools (DATT)® and CoRT. Each course is run by Nigel Newman, one of only five de Bono Thinking Systems master trainers in the world. Working with Nigel, delegates will fundamentally re-evaluate their approach to creative thinking, and learn how to treat it as a skill which can be developed and mastered.

Business course dates (Manchester Business Park)

Six Thinking Hats- 8 November & 4 December

Lateral Thinking- 9 November & 5 December

Simplicity- 7 December

DATT- 6 December

Education Courses (Manchester Business Park)

CoRT- 23 November

“We’re delighted to launch our open courses, offering leaders and professionals the opportunity to spend a day with one of the world’s leading practionioners and trainers in de Bono Thinking Systems,” says Robert Rawlinson, CEO of the Edward de Bono Foundation.

“All businesses and public sector organisations are united in their aim to become more productive, yet many lack the insight into how to make improvements, particularly without major investment. Here, in just one day, delegates can learn the principals of ‘operacy’ – the thinking about ‘doing’. And as leaders in both the private and public sector will tell you, it’s the doing that counts.”

For further information about the courses and to book a place, please visit:

About Edward de Bono
Dr Edward de Bono is the creator of the term Lateral Thinking and the father of de Bono Thinking Systems which, for the past 37 years, have profoundly influenced the way businesses, government and education leaders think and behave. Dr Edward de Bono is the author of 68 books, which have been translated into 34 languages, and he is on the Accenture list of fifty most influential business thinkers in the world.

About The Edward de Bono Foundation (UK)

The Edward de Bono Foundation UK is a registered charity in the teaching and the advancement of education, scientific knowledge, research and sponsorship of innovative concepts in the disciplines of human thinking and the processes of human thought. Edward de Bono’s Thinking Systems, include Six Thinking Hats, Simplicity, Lateral Thinking, DATT (Direct Attention Thinking Tools) and CoRT. The Foundation is based at 3000 Manchester Business Park near Manchester Airport and has an objective to take de Bono Thinking Systems into the UK education system, industry and government.

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