Call Center For Sale in Philippines

October 07, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Global Sky Inc., a top provider of call center solutions in the Philippines, is selling one of its offices as a completely turnkey solution. “We have expanded to a location suitable for 500 agents and we are selling this 70-seat office because we want to consolidate everything in the new location.” says James Stinson, CEO of Global Sky Inc. It's rare for a successful call center to sell a completely functional office. “Usually if a call center is selling it is because they are going out of business and in a scenario like that you should be suspicious of what you are buying.” says Anthony Stinson, COO of Global Sky Inc.

In 2004, the Philippines already captured 20 percent of the total world market share in contact center services. The Philippine government estimates the Philippines could capture 50 percent of the total world English-speaking market in 2008. Companies like Dell, Microsoft, and IBM have moved most of their customer service operations offshore; a majority percentage is handled by call center agents in the Philippines. It is not hard to see why companies are rushing to go offshore– the average salary for a call center agent in the Philippines is $300 to $500 compared with the average salary of a US, UK, Australian or Canadian agent that can be thousands of dollars more.

Global Sky Inc. works with two of the top Fortune 500 companies as well as medium-sized fast growth companies as reported in Business 2.0 and Entrepreneur Magazine. Global Sky has been featured in Tech World and showcased by the Wall Street Journal Online,, Kiplingers,,, and

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