Bottom Line Essentials On Word Smithing Released to the Public A How To Guide For Creating Power Copy In Less than 30 Minutes!

June 24, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Sell Copy, posted details of its latest report entitled: “Become A Top Selling Master Copywriter In Less Than 30-minutes” today. In it author Richard Hughes unveils a step-by-step path that writers can follow when crafting direct response copy for the purpose of marketing a product or service.

A great deal of the guide is centered around the premise that in order for
direct response, or any other type of advertising copy to be an effective and persuasive sales tool, it must connect in a deep emotional manner with the reader. Hughes says because people make a decision to buy emotionally with the heart, and rationalize their decision in their minds, it’s absolutely essential that the copywriter appeal to the basest of human emotions and instincts such as survival, prosperity and contentment.

“A writer must identify a desire or fear such as…greed, pride, lust, vanity, envy and laziness, among a variety of other deep rooted feelings and beliefs in order to capture, motivate and appeal to consumers."

He points out “A picture may be worth a thousand words” – but it’s WORDS that create, and sell the pictures.”

About the author: Master Copywriter and marketer Richard Hughes,
aka: "The Spin Doctor" is a Seasoned Marketing & Business Writer who Teaches Others the Power of Marketing their Products and Themselves through the Proper Use of WORDS that SELL!

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