October 09, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Doctors to Doctors Practice Consulting, International (DDPCI), a completely owned division of Dr. Dave’s Companies, announced today that the company would no longer be accepting new contracts for consulting as of November 1st, 2007. The Principal and Owner of the company, David Weitzman, M.D., has decided to move his career into other avenues of pursuits. DDPCI’s book of business and clients will be given to two members of the current organization under undisclosed terms for development into a new business entity.

DDPCI formed, in January of 2002, was originally the group of Medical and Chiropractic Consultants of Baltimore, MD, of which Dr. Weitzman was a member and had 5 years of experience. The division maintained a unique business model. The model was based on having an association of International, National, and Regional experts in a variety of medical research, practice, clinical, and teaching positions who maintained full time jobs outside of the organization in their area of expertise. There was no advertising of promotion of the division – just “word of mouth by those in the know.”

Commonly referred to as “Docs to Docs” or “The Brain Trust”, this group of experts specialized in novel approaches to the most difficult, abstract, theoretical, and cutting edge problems. By using a diverse team of recognized experts, the group was able to suggest new avenues of approach to challenges that had yet to become part of the mainstream though processes.

The company held one of the strictest confidentiality agreements in the industry. DDPCI never release whom they ever consulted for, or took credit for the ideas, processes, or materials produced. All information became the property of the client. Dr. Weitzman commented; “This was done for two reasons. First, this was to allow the companies and personnel who approached us to trust that their projects were held in the strictest of confidence at a very vulnerable time in their development cycle. Secondly, it allowed our experts the opportunity to work on the latest cutting edge applications. This was a real draw for our team of experts.”

The division is rumored to have worked with some of the greatest minds and newest approaches to medical device and pharmaceutical research over the past 10 years. Results of some of the DDPCI reports have gone on to marketable products and services that have become SOP in medicine and research. “This division worked for the opportunity to face the new and unexpected. To work with such great minds and on such a variety of new ideas was a real challenge and joy.” Dr. Weitzman stated.

“Hopefully,” commented Dr. Weitzman, “this company and idea will continue without me as I move on to other challenges.”