Sql Power Tools Releases ZUI — 100% Web Enabled Zero Impact Database Monitor

October 10, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
CHEYENNE, WY – October 10, 2007 – Sql Power Tools (SPT), the world leader in Zero Impact database monitoring, today announced the release of ZUI, a new database monitor with an easy to use, customizable web interface for real-time monitoring with no impact to a database server environment. Featuring “drag and move” functionality, along with customizable live graphs and reports, ZUI revolutionizes how a database administrator monitors and works across database server environments ranging from one hundred to multi-thousand users.
“ZUI takes database monitoring to a whole new level by allowing customers to monitor and directly interact with multiple servers from one central web console,” said Randall Reiter, CEO, Sql Power Tools.

Powered by a web browser, ZUI offers robust capabilities such as a live graphed feed of a database server’s health and performance, monitoring end user service levels over any time period, in addition to SQL monitoring and performance tuning.

Additional benefits and features of ZUI include:
• Easy-to-Use, Customizable, Web Interface
ZUI’s web based user interface allows organizations to monitor the entire database server environment from one web view.
• Server Farm Health Analysis and Monitoring
Concurrent monitoring of 250+ database instances from one web view with real-time alerts.
• Historical Server Health Comparisons
Quickly compare the health of a database or SQL performance today with yesterday, last quarter or other time period.
• Zero Impact Capture of 100% of the SQL Activity
Monitors and captures 100% of the SQL activity 24x7 with all .NET bind variables and complete SQL text.
• Stealth Capture of Long Running SQL Statements
Captures and pinpoints the long running SQL statements in nested stored procedures or triggers.
• Stealth Database Server Monitoring
Obtain custom graphs and 3D graphs of all monitored servers health, dynamic graphs of SQL performance, end-user service levels, top N Sql analysis, end user response times, plus database server configuration metrics such as CPU utilization, I/O, blocked processes, buffer cache usage and more
• Top N SQL Analysis and Pinpointing of SQL Performance Divergence Issues
Identify the SQL statements and stored procedures whose average end-user response time or performance falls below or above a 5 day, 30 day or quarterly moving average.

Introductory pricing begins at $1,200 per database server instance.

For Evaluation Download:
Download from http://www.sqlpower.com/cgi-bin/eval_form.cgi

For Product Images:
Product images available from http://www.sqlpower.com/products/screenshots.html

About Sql Power Tools:
Sql Power Tools, the world leader in Zero Impact database monitoring, provides innovative software solutions for data monitoring and performance tuning. For more information please visit http://www.sqlpower.com, or call (307) 433-8039.

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