Medical Spas Online Launches New Non-Surgical Cosmetic & Anti-Aging Medicine Web Site For Physicians

June 24, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Park City, UT — Medical Spas Online today launched the first web site dedicated to non-surgical cosmetic and anti-aging medical technologies for physicians, medical spa professionals, and patients.

“We took cues from what our own needs and experiences have been,” said Jeff Barson, the Managing Editor of Medical Spas Online. “We decided that we would provide freely available, practical, clinical and business info about non-surgical cosmetic and anti-aging medicine to physicians and patients and leave general content to other sites.”

“We’re dedicated to making a resource for physicians and patients who wanted the most current information on the revolution taking place in non-surgical cosmetic and anti-aging medicine. Telomere clipping, Pointe Lift, personal DNA testing, IPL, RF and lasers, Liposolve Mesotherapy, Bio-Identical Hormone Balancing… there's a lot.”

Medical Spas Online also embraced a concept radically different from other publishers who are putting content online. Most publishers see the Web simply as a way to put their business online.

In contrast, Medical Spas Online, from the start, was designed to be a micro-site that had a single focus: a place where visitors could quickly find useful content from a group of trusted publications alongside original content that focuses exclusively on non-surgical cosmetic and anti-aging medicine.

“We also wanted to take advantage of the web's ability to connect physicians with each other,” continues Barson. “Doctors rarely have the chance to converse or learn form other doctors who are not their immediate area of competition. Medical Spas Online allows physicians to mentor and learn from other physicians in a way that eliminates the business competition. Patients can interact with physicians in a safe environment that removes the pressure that patients usually feel when interacting with doctors.”

Medspa's primary target audience was and is American clinicians in the non-surgical/cosmetic/anti-aging arena: a decision made prior to launch. Medical Spas Online understood the information needs of these healthcare professionals from thier own experience. But significantly — and controversially – Medical Spas Online was also designed to be open to anyone who wanted information. Physicians, consumers, or any combination thereof could register and have full access to the site, whether they lived in Portland, Oregon, or Prague.

Their open-door strategy used to get as many people interested in Medical Spas Online as possible is in contrast to other sites who exclusively solicited consumers or physicians as a sales tool.

Medical Spas Online welcomes everyone interested in professional-level medical information for both commercial and philosophic reasons: We liked the idea that consumers and non-MDs could finally get the same information their doctors read. As it turned out, and in contrast to the conventional wisdom, many doctors liked that, too.

Medical Spas Online is an online community dedicated to the newest advances in non-surgical cosmetic and anti-aging medicine and the business platforms used to deliver these services. Medical Spas Online is headquartered in Park City, Utah. Information is available online at