October 12, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
New York, NY —- More and more men and women, who are regular skiers, are turning to professional matchmakers to find affluent companions who are also skiers.

According to Gary Ferone, president and co-founder of Great Date Now, an upscale matchmaking service, “from late October through March, the largest proportion of our clientele is skiers. Either as a result of divorce or death of a spouse, many skiers in their thirties, forties, fifties and even sixties are turning to a professional resource to find men and women who share their interest in skiing and other lifestyle activities,” said Mr. Ferone.

Since 2004, Great Date Now has been serving single skiers, helping them to find just the right person. In fact, the company numbers 4,500 clients, each of whom pays a minimum fee of $2,500.

“We have helped not only weekend skiers, but also those who take extended skiing vacations, those who ski not only in the Northeast, but also in the West and in Europe. And a number of ski instructors have even recommended us to their single students,” said Mr. Ferone.

“Last year, a very wealthy lawyer man in his mid-fifties came to our office in Westchester; he has skied the finest slopes the world over. He has been divorced for a number of years and has had several relationships, none of which worked out. He wanted to find a well-educated professional woman who also loved skiing and who was in her late thirties to mid-forties. She should also have the necessary freedom and wherewithal to join him on slopes in Utah, Colorado, and Switzerland. We initiated a thorough and exhaustive search in our extensive data base and came up with several likely candidates. We interviewed each one and did the appropriate background checks, as we do with all of our clients. The man had a date with each of three women. The women all found him attractive, sophisticated, and charming. He chose one of them, and they have been speeding down some of the most challenging slopes in the world. They’ve been together for nearly two years and are now engaged to be married.

“Another one of our clients is a single stock broker and asset manager. She is divorced and in her mid forties. She is quite attractive, has a daughter in college, and likes to ski on most winter weekends. While she has met many charming and friendly men at ski resorts and lodges, she has not found someone with whom she can have an ongoing, serious relationship. She wanted to find a man in his forties or fifties, a professional, who makes a good living. It turned out that a skier who had skied many of the same slopes as our client had also retained our services. They were a perfect match, and we put them together. He is fifty years old, an estate lawyer, divorced, and the father of a boy who is also in college. The couple has been spending winter weekends skiing together, and they are now talking of setting house together.”

Great Date Now prides itself on having extremely well-trained, sensitive, and certified matchmakers whose life experiences and educations make them compassionate and insightful mentors; in addition, it provides the optional services of dating coach, Ron Salon, a psychoanalyst and psychotherapist, who has been helping singles for thirty years to jump-start their lives by providing guidance on maintaining new relationships. Great Date Now provides such services to affluent men and women from multiple offices in Manhattan; Garden City and Hauppauge Long Island; Westchester county; Darien and Milford, Connecticut; and Englewood Cliffs, Morristown, and Red Bank, New Jersey.

From: Jeffrey Sussman, Inc.
Marketing Public Relations
New York, NY 10017

For: Great Date Now

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