Surface Medical Spas Donates More Than $40,000 of Free Treatments in “Veto French Armpits” Campaign

June 24, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
France may not be off the hook as far as Americans are concerned, at least in Layton, Utah. Surface Medical Spas announced today that they have donated more than $40,000 dollars of permanent underarm hair removal treatments in their “Veto French Armpits” campaign.

The offer for free underarm hair removal for all wives and girlfriends of military personnel began as a show of support for the troops overseas during the French hindrance of U.S. plans before operation Iraqi Freedom. The offer attracted inquires from service members as far away as Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

“We wanted to do something for the wives, girlfriends and female members of our military” said Dr. Aaron Barson, Medical Director of Surface Medical Spas and a retired Air Force Colonel. “Most support drives are directed towards the troops overseas. We wanted to show support for the wives and girlfriends left behind. They’re the front line morale boosters for the troops.”

Since the campaign started, Surface has given away over $40,000 of free treatments. In fact, they had to pull their ads touting the giveaway after only two showings. The response was so great there was concern that giving away such a large number of treatments could pose problems treating regular clients.

And what is the most common reaction? “Our clients think it’s great”, says Dr. Barson. “The men and women deployed and facing combat are the ones everyone thinks of. But, it is nice to have some one think of the wives and sweethearts left behind. Even our regular clients appreciate it.”

“The ‘Veto French Armpits’ campaign was started out of a feeling of solidarity with our service members,” said Dr. Barson. “We thought a tongue-in-cheek approach to the French position was the correct approach. Our real desire was to show appreciation for our armed forces. We want them to know that their loved ones are also appreciated”

And how has France reacted to this underarm assault?
“We sent the offer to the French embassy,” said Dr. Barson. “They haven’t gotten back to us yet.”

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