MBI Sets New Standards for Direct Mail Advertising Turnaround Time

October 12, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Deland, Florida ( Prleap ) October 12, 2007 MBI Direct Mail announces 24 hour turnaround period for production of a Direct mail advertising ( http://www.directmail-mbi.com/direct-mail-advertising.html ) campaign from start to finish. MBI has been a leader in the business of getting an offer of a product or service to a targeted audience of potential customers for many decades. In the past a company may have had to go through several different sources to achieve a successful marketing campaign. But in recent years many of these companies have been trying to consolidate their services and offer an all-in-one solution for direct mail campaigns. MBI Direct Mail was one of the first companies to do this and now leads the industry in project completion speed by offering a revolutionary 24 hour turnaround time.

The time to perform a successful direct mail campaign can be slowed by many factors. The factors involved in creating a good campaign include: marketing analysis, concept and design, list rental and data management, pre-press and full color printing, laser personalization (for certain specialty mailers, if needed), and letter and mailing services ( http://www.directmail-mbi.com/mailing-management.html ). Some small businesses may try to take on some of these tasks themselves and / or use a direct mail company to help them with some or all of the factors. Using an "all-in-one" service, such as before-mentioned MBI Direct Mail, to execute the project will save valuable time for a small business who wants to get their message out there quickly and free their resources and man-hours for other, more important projects. MBI Direct Mail is an all-in-one solution who also leads the industry with their 24 hour turnaround period. When MBI first started offering this service, a quality campaign being ready in a 24 hour turnaround period was unheard of. More information about MBI Direct Mail can be found at their website, www.directmail-mbi.com or by calling them at 800-359-4780.

About MBI:
Located in Deland, Florida, MBI was founded in 1989 by Jim Grogan in the spare bedroom of his home. He helped revolutionize the direct mail advertising industry by being among the first to bring all facets of producing a direct mail campaign ( http://www.directmail-mbi.com/mail-marketing.html ) under one roof. Jim leads the company by being on top of any new trends or advances in the industry and revolutionizing the industry himself by offering unique services such as their 24 hour turnaround, taking the mailer from concept to production in less than one day.


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