Joseph H. Murphy gets back to better health condition after his open-heart surgery when doctor introduces him with Isagenix

October 12, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Joseph H. Murphy, Sydney – October 12, 2007: I am Joseph H. Murphy from Sydney, Australia. I had problem getting back to better health after my open-heart surgery. I was very worried about my health because the major operation took away all my energy and filled me with weakness. To help me make my health condition better, Dr. Roger, a heart surgeon, referred me to Isagenix. A few months later, I felt myself full of energy by following the Isagenix program. All my weakness has gone and I am back to my normal routine even after this major operation. I am able to do all my work with better concentration because I am more energetic than before.

After my operation, my logic was I would never be able to spend life like before. I will have to spend my life with an average health. This concept remained valid until my doctor, Mr. Roger, introduced me with Isagenix. On every medical checkup, Dr. Roger used to see me worried so, just after a few days of my surgery he told me about Isagenix which made me feel relaxed. "With Isagenix, people are becoming able to change their lives because it deeply enriches the human body with good health. I am excited about the results, as my patients are getting healthier and report active lives. I myself use Isagenix products for loosing weight and feel good about the company’s dedication to provide such wonderful health products." – said Dr. Roger

My condition after this major operation was not very satisfactory as I used to feel weak and often I ran short of breath. Also, my physical exercise test results at hospital were average. Moreover, I had extra pound of fat on my body, which was also a major hindering factor in my way to get better at health.

He advised me to start 30-day program from Isagenix and kept monitoring my progress. In addition, he wanted me to do some light exercise and develop the habit to take proper nutritional food. “If you remain physically active, it aids you maintain weight loss over a long time. Physical inactivity is probably the foremost risk factor for heart disease and stroke. Also, don’t forget to take a healthy diet as it is more important for you.” Said my dear doctor. Following my doctor’s instructions with great care, not only I was loosing those unwanted pounds, but also I was feeling fit within me. During this program use, my doctor called me for a physical test in which I was asked to go through many exercises. At the end of the session, my Dr. Roger told me I was going great and my heart was also stronger than before. My stamina was increased and my overall health condition was much better than before. This was very good news for me.

So, at the end of my 30-days program, 20 pounds of my body fat had gone which is also helping me to stay active and energetic. Isagenix has given me the activeness that I used to feel in the age of 30s or earlier. Every day, I get up with full energy and do all my work with full concentration.

Many thanks to Dr. Roger, who referred me Isagenix program. Isagenix has helped me recover from my heart surgery and I feel better, brighter and extremely energetic. These are the products that doctors love to recommend.

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