Aruspex Helps Companies Chart Their Workforce's Future With Personalized "No Change Future State" Reports

October 12, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
San Francisco, Calif. - October 12, 2007 Every organization is heading towards a future influenced by current trends and practices, but many lack the framework or tools to effectively analyze their impact. Aruspex, a strategic workforce planning software and consulting firm, has answered that need with its new No Change Future State (NCFS) reports.

Created with an organization's data and trends, NCFS uses Aruspex's CAPTure software to generate profiles by applying internal workforce trends, identifying key issues and checking against labor force projections for demographic red flags. Personalized reports show the eventual result of current turnover trends, and provide different scenarios that examine the impact of likely baby boomer retirements.

NCFS is part of CAPTure, Aruspex's leading strategic workforce planning software, which helps HR executives swiftly and intelligently prepare for changing conditions by ensuring that the proper workforce is in place to execute business strategy. Rather than simple forecasting, CAPTure enables customers to weigh the impact of demographics, business strategies, and competitors' behavior - and take action steps to avert them.

"Organizational futures are shaped by trends like skill shortages, the aging workforce, and increasing employee demands for work-life balance," explains Tess Walton, Aruspex co-founder. "By providing us with a simple HRIS data extract, we can deliver detailed reports highlighting where a company is heading and what trends they need to watch."

NCFS reporting is now available in standard and premium levels. Key features include:

- No Change Future State projections for up to 10 key workforce groups using a company's HRIS data;

- An environmental scan of the key workforce issues happening in your core industry;

- Two hour consultation with Aruspex principals, explaining the findings and teaching how to use the reports and analysis to engage your executives;

- An exclusive Aruspex whitepaper on how to analyze your HR trends.

The premium level also features additional consulting and individual trend analysis on each workforce group, in the context of the environment in which the group operates.

NCFS is aimed at C-level executives, corporate strategists and HR executives who realize the need to align workforce planning with business strategy.

"Companies have often misunderstood the role, scope and benefits of workforce planning and typically feel reluctant or unqualified to begin," says Stacy Chapman, Aruspex co-founder. "NCFS gives them the tools and guidance they need to take action."

NCFS philosophy is rooted in strategic workforce planning, which ensures that staff strategies match an organization's business plan, usually looking 3-5 years into the future. Operational workforce planning is generally limited to staffing requirements for shorter term goals and objectives.

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Aruspex delivers strategic workforce planning solutions that help organizations design and attain their future workforce. Our intuitive CAPTure planning software goes beyond simple reporting; it analyzes internal and external demographic trends, identifies future workforce gaps and guides executives and HR professionals to solve different scenarios. The Aruspex model was developed through years of practical experience, and we are passionate about workforce planning. For more information, visit

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