Rescue Remedy – Calm in a bottle for a Naomi Klein’s “Shock Doctrine” troubled world

October 12, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Santa Monica, CA, October 12, 2007 —(— Naomi Klein’s book “Shock Doctrine” has hit the bestseller lists in the United States, Canada, Italy and Germany. Ms. Kline exposes a world in turmoil due to natural and man-made disasters which bring misery, dislocation, confusion and disempowerment to millions of people. She documents how catastrophes make us vulnerable to political and business profiteers who stand poised to take advantage. Her solution is “be aware” of the means of exploitation when facing a real or made-up crisis and remain calm and in control of our emotions. How does Ms. Kline retain her calm? She takes a bottle of Rescue Remedy when on duty to troubled spots in the world. Rescue Remedy is a natural and non-habit forming homeopathic remedy in used for over 70 years that is based on the research of the English physician Dr. Edward Bach. Rescue Remedy is taken to allay the emotional causes of stress leaving one with a clear mind and a calm disposition.

According to Bettina Rasmussen, North America CEO of, Rescue Remedy is valued by our men and women in uniform in the war in Iraq who shun well known chemical anti-depressant brands that are commercialized with billions of dollars of advertising. All chemical anti-depressants are known to have side-effects. One does not have to face the threats of death or dismemberment, as is the case with our soldiers, or post traumatic stress and paralyzing fear from the likes of the 9/11 terror attack to feel emotionally stressed. A great number of celebrities that daily touch our lives and many political and public figures over the last 70 years have come to rely on Bach Flower homeopathic remedies for their emotional wellbeing and peace of mind.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns that antidepressants can cause suicidal ideation, mania and psychosis. The manufacturers of one well known anti-depressant now warn that the drug can cause homicidal ideation. This month, a study came out in the Public Library of Science-Medicine journal, conducted by Dr. David Healy, director of Cardiff's University's North Wales Department of Psychological Medicine, which found that a well known anti-depressant raises the risk of violence. Though the study focuses specifically on one well known anti-depressant, Healy reasoned that other commercialized anti-depressant drugs most likely pose the same risk of violence. "We've got good evidence that the drugs can make people violent and you'd have to reason from that there may be more episodes of violence," Healy said.

Ms Rasmussen points out that Rescue Remedy and other natural Bach Flower Essences are safe for pregnant women and infants and are a regular feature of Mothering Magazine, the pre-eminent health conscious magazine for expectant and new mothers in Canada and the United States. has now introduced Bach Rescue Pastilles – all natural stress relief in a delicious flavor. The Bach Rescue Pastilles are made of the same formula as the drops and spray but now include the chewable pastilles in an easy to carry easy pop-open tin.

Our age brings with it new stressful challenges never experienced before by humanity. According to David Colman of the New York Times, in the book review he wrote recently about Naomi Klein, he points out that “Shock Doctrine” could be panic inducing. He quotes author John le Carré, who would know, that Shock Doctrine is “scary as Hell”. In his new bestselling book, The Age of Turbulence, Alan Greenspan, who retired after 18 years as the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank adds to wave after wave of sobering warnings about the frightening impact of globalization and the New World Order, especially on the middle class of Western Civilization.

From these bestselling authors we get a portrait of a New World dominated by trans-nationals and domestic cheap labor profiteers who see the world as their seamless and borderless turf where the pursuit of advantage and profits has no national, ethnic or cultural bounds.

In the “Shock Doctrine”, the new world of capitalisms has progressed from trans-national portable capital of millennia ago; to portable production and consumption in the advanced stages of the industrial and technological age; and now it heralds the arrival of “One-World portable cheap labor” which threatens to erase our national borders as sovereign nations, make Western Civilization’s middleclass jobless; and make small accessible government and counterbalancing forces to big business a concept of the past. Get ready for the Super NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) and the secretive forging of the “North American Union” of Canada, the United States and Mexico (The European Union of America). With nearly 10% of the United States population being illegal aliens and growing by the thousands daily, and 80% of them from Mexico, the stealth integration between the United States and Mexico is already well on its way.

Against all these odds, we need to be surrounded by caring family and friends, low population density, beautiful clean and safe environments, pleasant and positive thoughts and actions and the calm and clear mind benefits of the Bach Flower formulas such as Rescue Remedy which have proven effective by world leaders and men and women in all walks of life for the last 70 years and which are safe enough for mothers and infants.