Praise Pod in schools could reduce ASBOs

October 13, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
The Praise Pod concept - of harnessing technology and getting kids to interact positively with it in schools and create an atmosphere and culture of praise - has already been a big hit in two Rotherham schools. Word is spreading fast. Six more schools are joining the Praise Pod programme this year and many more are expressing an interest in taking part as soon as possible.

Praise Pod is a new and simple tool to create a culture of praise within a community. It involves the whole school, creates cohesion, builds self-esteem and changes not only behaviours but also beliefs.

Rotherham PCT employee and Praise Pod brainchild Richard Crook from Sheffield, said: “It costs £500,000 to the taxpayer when one young person develops conduct problems. Praise Pod aims to prevent behavioural difficulties by starting early and getting everyone on board. It’s already been an amazing success. Staff have sent pupils to the pod well over 2000 times already and the feedback from pupils, parents and staff has been positive.”

Only good behaviours get attention and recognition with Praise Pod. “Parents have even noticed behavioural changes at home as well as school”, added Richard; “It genuinely appears to be having a positive behavioural effect in the same way that parents report when they stop feeding their kids nasty additives!”

During the pilot in Redscope and Rockingham primary schools in Rotherham, pupils were asked how Praise Pod could be improved; one boy had the great idea to have a counter on the Pod. “We made one with the help of Mr Johnson the caretaker and now every time you walk past the Pod you see the number getting bigger and bigger,” said Richard. “It’s a constant reminder of how many good things have happened every day in school.”

The Praise Pod idea was first road-tested on the inventor’s daughters, Mia and Evie, now aged 10 and 8 respectively. “They instantly understood the concept and enjoyed making up fictitious scenarios from school, which we’d film at home using an old digital camera,” Richard added.

“Evie’s latest novel idea is to let children earn points every time they visit Praise Pod. These points can be traded in for treats, either electronically or by vouchers. The idea to redeem points earned for good behaviour - against goods and services in the local area - is one we hope to include in the Praise Pod model in the future,” he concluded.

There has already been interest from companies involved in new school builds to incorporate Praise Pod into the learning space, allowing pupils a private environment in which to access resources, post questions and leave or receive praise. Rotherham Metropolitan Borough is launching Praise Pod in a further six schools in a cluster, and it is intended that this model will then be applied throughout the Rotherham Borough to harness the power of Praise for the whole Authority.

Praise Pod is unique. With patent application pending and design registration in place, Praise Pod Ltd is looking for partners to produce and market Praise Pods throughout the UK and beyond. For further information contact Richard Crook on 0114 230 6441 or 0795 1399 200.

Notes to editors
Praise Pod Managing Director Richard Crook can be contacted direct by the media for interviews and further information, on 0114 230 6441 or 0795 1399 200.

For enquiries relating to RMBC or Rotherham PCT’s involvement, please contact Steve Pearson, Communications Manager, Children and Young People’s Services, RMBC. Tel 01709 822641 or

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Alternatively, for enquiries relating to Praise Pod you can contact BeyondPR as follows:
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